The Official Blue and White Drinking Game

Posted by Penn State Football | @pennstatefball

Blue and White weekend is this weekend so that means it’s time to start everyone’s favorite season of the year — Tailgate Season! So let’s drink to the return of Penn State’s most highly anticipated athletes to Beaver Stadium!

Here are the rules:
  1. Start out with a drink just for the return of Penn State Football.
  2. Have another drink to forget about the fact that finals are in a week.
  3. Take a sip every time you hear a “We Are” chant.
  4. Waterfall if it’s raining, but you go tailgating anyway.
  5. Chug if an alum invites you to their tailgate.
  6. Take two sips for every time they talk about when they were a student here.
  7. Take a sip every time someone talks about how good the upcoming team is going to be.
  8. Finish your drink every time someone mentions the Rose Bowl or Big 10.
  9. Shotgun if you reunite with a friend who graduated.
  10. Take a sip every time you see someone not wearing Blue or White.
  11. Take a sip every time you see an animal of any kind, two sips if they’re wearing any kind of Penn State apparel, then run over to go pet it.
  12. Drink every time the songs “Zombie Nation,” “Seven Nation Army,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Shout,” “Closer,” “We Dem Boyz,” “All I Do Is Win” and “Juju On That Beat”  play.
  13. Take a sip for every one-armed push-up the Lion does.
  14. Finish your drink when the Penn State Homecoming logo gets revealed.
  15. Take a shot if the losing team comes back and wins in the second half.
  16. Take two shots of Vlad every time someone reminds you that it’s your last Blue and White game as a student in an attempt to try and recapture your freshman youth.
  17. Drink if Trace McSorley is on the losing team.
  18. Toast and finish your drink if Penn State wins.
  19. Chug to thank the graduating seniors for their time out on the field.
  20. Drink after the game because Penn State is undefeated in 2017.

Get on out to the game this weekend to show your support for the team that accomplished what many thought was impossible this past season. These are the times we can come together both as students and alumni to show the rest of the world who We Are (take a sip). Whether you go to the game or are just tailgating have fun, but please drink responsibly.

Valley does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.