Newest Trend Alert: Brita Filters Alcohol

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What if VALLEY told you that Brita, a water filtering system, can take the burn effect after taking a shot? Well, you Brita believe it! A recent TikTok trend has users pouring hard alcohol into their Brita to try and take away the burn effect which happens after drinking one shot. 

The science behind the Brita is that a faucet filter is attached and then when tap water goes through the filter, it reduces sediment while the carbon block traps smaller containments. 

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TikTok has been trending with users testing if this is simply a myth or not by removing the water from the Brita to then fill it with their alcohol of choice. To VALLEY’s surprise— it is not a myth. 

The reactions from various TikTok videos show the surprise reaction of people not having a burn effect from the Brita-filtered shot. Now, if the Brita takes away the burn, you can purchase the cheapest liquor there is with it tasting like water.

Photo posted by @callmebelly on TikTok

However, the Brita filter does take away a significant amount of alcohol. Users show the filter after it has gone through the system to reveal the rest of the alcohol that was originally poured within that compartment. This brings a new factor to the table that is truly worth the hype as it takes away half the amount put into the Brita.

Typically, hard liquor costs a lot of money due to its high-quality taste. This means cheaper liquors have a harsh taste to them such as New Amsterdam or Svedka which both range from $8 to $34. 

In this case, why spend a ton when it is going to taste like nothing? It is allowing people to purchase cheaper liquor and not experience the burn effect. The fact it is less expensive also will help with the issue of Brita filtering out half of the poured amount due to not breaking the bank over a bottle of liquor.

The craziest part but it all is that any type of liquor works too. Hard liquors such as vodka or tequila and just about any category that you prefer will work.

The aftermath of a night out with Brita drinking leaves your normal daily routine at a halt with an alcohol-infused Brita system. Changing it back to a regular, water-filtering process will take a deep cleaning with a sponge and replacing the filter. 

Did you fill up your Brita with alcohol to test out this trend? Tell us by tagging @VALLEYMag on Instagram and TikTok

*VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.*

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