5 Youtubers to Inspire Self-Care

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As we approach midterms, self-care becomes increasingly important yet increasingly neglected as we forget to put ourselves first for a minute. To bring back that positive energy, here are a couple of YouTubers who inspire self-care in different ways.

Sarah’s Day

Sarah’s Day is a Youtuber that promotes self-care through fitness and wellness videos. She promotes the idea of intuitive eating — eating whenever your body needs to instead of following a restrictive diet. You will also find workout routines to inspire us to become fit queens. Being a mother, Sarah understands the struggle of leading a balanced life and so her parenting vlogs might relax you. She also lives in Australia, which could provide some cheerful content to those of us stuck at home during these cold months.

Teaira Walker

From posting chatty GRWMs to manifestation advice videos, Teaira Walker is a YouTube star who promotes self-confidence and acceptance which, of course, are components of self-care. Through encouraging loving yourself and caring for yourself, she radiates so much positive and welcoming energy and her channel just creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Yes Theory
To Improve His Mental Health, Yes Theory Co-Founder Seeks Discomfort (And A  Boost From Will Smith)
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Yes Theory consists of a group of guys who travel the world and start projects all centered around kindness and cultural enrichment. Though they are quite famous now and have traveled so many places, they’re so humble and are always giving. Their videos are so inspirational as through their kindness and positive energy, others can feel motivated to start giving and appreciating.

These guys are so full of curiosity, everywhere they go, they keep an open mind to learn something new and always end up appreciating things they didn’t know could be appreciated. If you’re looking for a channel to inspire you to seize the day and appreciate everything life has to offer, Yes Theory are the guys for you!

Micarah Tewers

AKA the girl who remade Ariana’s Met Gala dress, Micharah Tewers has recently seen a spike in fame on youtube after blowing up for thrifting materials to make her own dresses – and wow, does she have talent! This queen lives life to the fullest on a budget. She also lives in an RV (which she completely renovated herself) and lives paycheck to paycheck so she understands leading a balanced life of hard-work.

She’s always motivated though and is passionate about being a seamstress which is truly inspiring to see. If you need a push to chase your dreams, even if you feel like you’re coming to a barrier, Tewers will definitely be that push. Furthermore, she’s got quite the personality, she’s energetic, funny and creative, often posting videos of dressing up as certain characters for a week. She’s the epitome of loving yourself!

A YouTuber turns thrift-store clothes into Disney princess gowns
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Yes, they’re technically a family vlogging channel. No, not in the way that you’re probably thinking. This beautiful family remains humble and true to their intentions, filming videos simply for the memories and to share amazing moments with the world. This family has a diverse cultural background and through their videos, we watch the kids grow and learn more about themselves ethnically. Personal and cultural growth are definitely components of self-care, so if you’re interested in learning about other backgrounds or just want encouragement to learn more about your own, MAZELEE is perfect for that.

Now, time to give ourselves a mental spa-day by winding down and binging some of these channels!



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