Songs of Self-Help: Ariana Grande Edition

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We all could definitely use a little bit of self-help nowadays, and Ariana Grande makes the music to help us with that. We know about the struggles of the pandemic and could use some self-help with that alone, but VALLEY’s guess is you have probably gone through some outside-of-pandemic drama that you are still trying to recover from.

Lucky for you, Grande has been making songs that are perfect for helping to cope with stress, make you happy, make you feel like a bad b**** and more since the beginning of her career.

If you are feeling bad about yourself, a situation, or anything at all, here are some songs by the one and only Miss Grande that will help increase your mood and make you feel better in no time. 

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“Just Like Magic”

If you are going through a period in time where things do not seem to be going your way, this is the song for you. It is all about manifestation and thinking things into existence. If you think about something you really want to happen, it will happen, as you will indirectly be prompting yourself to make it happen.

“Shut Up”

If you are dealing with haters and/or people that are trying to dampen your life, turn this song on and shout it as loud as you can. It is the best song for telling the terrible people in your life to just stop talking and keep their opinions to themselves. 

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Thank u, Next

“Fake Smile”

This song is based on showing the world that you are okay when you are actually not okay. It is about being over putting on a show for people and to let them know how you really feel. Disclaimer — it is okay not to be okay! Turn this song on and let your people know you’re not.

“Thank u, Next”

Even saying this song title can make you sound like a bad b****. This is the anthem of self-love, as the whole song is about how Grande has learned to love herself. Listen to this song to learn how to say “thank u, next” and be grateful for yourself.

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Anxiety is something that is becoming more common in this day in age. Grande wrote this song after her anxiety became worse. The message is that when you are having anxiety, stress, etc., you have to remember to breathe and that everything will be okay although it may not seem like it.

“Get Well Soon”

This is a song telling you that you need to recognize when something is wrong or bothering you, and that you can’t just brush it off and forget about it. If you are dealing with an issue, you need to face it head on or talk about it so you can begin to heal.

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Dangerous Woman

“Be Alright”

If you are dealing with an issue that makes you feel as if it is the end of the world, listen to this song and be reminded that tomorrow is a new day. All bad things must come to an end, too, so do not fret because this is just a time of sadness that you will power through.

“I Don’t Care”

This is another song about self-love, except the message is that you cannot care about what others think. Many people try to blend in with others and are rather “fake,” so be yourself. Share your opinions, your likes, your dislikes, etc. This song will help you brush off the feeling that you need to fit in with others.

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My Everything

“Break Free”

This is a song to boost your independence, your self-love and have you feeling like a baddie all day. It is about breaking off a toxic relationship that you have been trying to end for a while, but now you finally feel as if you are strong enough to end it due to finding who you really are inside.

“You Don’t Know Me”

If there are people who do not know you and are judging you and making assumptions about you, this song was written for you. The song is telling people off who have judged someone before they even had a glimpse of that person’s life. The song also conveys the message that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

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Yours Truly


This is one of the happiest and brightest songs Grande has ever sung. It is the perfect medicine when you are stressed out of your mind because all you will want to do is dance while listening to it. The song is saying she could sing about a love story gone wrong, but instead, wants to write a song that you can just jam to and she accomplished just that! If you are having a bad day, turn this song on for an instant boost of serotonin.


This is another song about the haters bringing you down, but you rising above. The message is that you have come out stronger because of the crap said haters gave you, and that the they were your motivation. Listen to this song if you have ever had anyone disrespect you at any time in your life because one day, you will be greater than they ever were.

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If you are going through any bad or sad times in your life, VALLEY encourages you to reach out to someone you love and trust. In the meantime, these Ariana Grande songs will be relatable with every situation, so take a listen.



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