OrderUp State College Changes the Delivery Game

photo-24If you’re still googling ‘LionMenus’ when you get a craving for Wings Over that just can’t wait, you’re going to want to keep reading.

Contrary to what you might think, Happy Valley’s favorite online food delivery service, OrderUp, didn’t buy-out our beloved LionMenus. In fact, the change of name was simply a side-effect of LionMenus’s growing market that now spans multiple states.

“We needed to be able to have a consistent marketing message from city to city,” says OrderUp’s State College market manager, Casey Macioge. “Lion Menus doesn’t really translate to Ohio or Virginia.”

To be honest, we kind of agree that a name like ‘Lion Menus’ wouldn’t exactly bode well in the land of the Buckeyes…

But with the company’s growth comes a wider array of choices for OrderUp’s users, and let’s just say our mouths are watering already.

Thanks to $7 million in funding from investors, OrderUp is now offering delivery services for restaurants that didn’t have their own delivery capabilities before.

Waiting for your parents to come to town to enjoy local sit-down delicacies like Happy Valley Brewing Co. and American Ale House is a thing of the past with OrderUp’s latest additions to their website’s menu.

“Now we’re delivering Karmaa, Mad Mex, and [other places like] Famous Ernie’s,” says Macioge.

And as if it could get any better, Macioge revealed that the coming weeks will bring the launch of OrderUp’s newest delivery partnerships with chains such as Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

You might want to consult a theology professor, but we’re pretty sure this might be the definition of food heaven.

But if we no longer have to leave the comfort of our home to enjoy a Big Mac, is there any point in ever going to a restaurant again here in State College?

“This has honestly been the wave that’s coming here,” says Macioge about the shift towards convenience. “We want to be ahead of that.”

In order to be at the head of the pack when it comes to keeping up with students’ lifestyles, OrderUp is continuing to offer old favorites like Freebie Friday.

“Starting next Friday, a restaurant will offer up free food for the first 50 or the first 100 people that show up,” says Macioge. In marketing-speak, this means there are new promotions to catch your attention.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to get involved with the students and with the local events that are going on here,” says Macioge, encouraging students to sign up on the OrderUp website for their Cheesesteak Challenge on Oct. 4. and the Pizza Eating Contest at Corrinado’s on Oct. 12.

According to Macioge, following OrderUp on social media is the best way to stay informed about the upcoming events in the area. Following a company on Facebook or Twitter has never been so delicious.

In the 12 years since OrderUp was founded by Penn State alumni, the delivery service has come a long way in serving students and State College residents, taking the guess-work out of ordering your favorites on a Friday night.

“We’re just excited that we started here and that Penn State continues to show us love,” says Macioge. “[OrderUp] is something for Penn State to be proud of that we started right here and have grown out of this market.”

It doesn’t take a Smeal student to smell a good business decision, and if it smells anything like Cruisin’ Altitude Buffalo Wings, we’ll be Order(ing)Up for our next meal.

Photo provided by Jenny Meyers

This article was updated on September 2 to reflect a change in restaurant information. 

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