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Many of us have heard the terrible news. As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end. About a month ago, we learned the reality show will end in 2021. This iconic show that has had many defining moments. Whether we like it or not, the Kardashians have shaped pop culture and the world around us. To commemorate the ending of the show, I thought I would share what I think are the top 5 most iconic moments of the series.

#5: The Birth of Mason – This moment was definitely one to remember. Kourtney and Scott had mason back in 2009. Being the first of the many grandchildren of the Kardashian clan, Mason is now 10 years old. What was so memorable about Mason was how calm Kourtney was during birth. To everyone’s surprise, Kourtney even helped with the delivery.

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#4: Khloe Goes to Jail – Way back in season 3 of the show, Khloe was arrested for a DUI. On her way to the jail, accompanied by mom Kris, sister Kim, and some other friends, one of the most iconic quotes of the show was born. As Kim sat in the back seat taking pictures with her digital camera, Kris Jenner says, “Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself your sister is going to jail”. Khloe ended up barely spending any time in jail, but this quote lived on forever.

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#3: The Diamond Earring – This by far is one of my favorite moments. While on vacation in Bora Bora, another iconic quote was born. The whole Kardashian/Jenner clan was on vacation when Kim’s soon to be husband at the time, Kris Humphries throws Kim in the water. While in shock, Kim realizes that her $75,000 diamond earring is gone! Absolutely distraught, this was probably one of the most memorable Kim K cries. Somehow, Kylie Jenner ended up finding the earring. Another very iconic quote came from this episode, from Kim and Kourtney. Kim says “My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it’s gone”, to which Kourtney replies “Kim, there are people that are dying”.

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#2: Kim and Kanye’s Wedding – The wedding of Kim and Kanye was absolutely extravagant. The big moment wasn’t relieved on camera, as the family wanted to keep it private. While in Paris, the couple surprises the family that the wedding is actually going to take place in Florence, and they all fly there on the morning of the wedding.

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#1: Tristan Cheats On Khloe—Again – This moment shocked the whole world, as Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheated on Khloe again. The two share a child together, and the last time he cheated was right around the birth of baby True. This time, however, was worse. Tristan had been rumored to have cheated on Khloe with Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. This moment tore apart this family. Being Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn lived with her, and Kylie even had a lip kit named after her. This was the end of their friendship and the end of Khloe and Tristan’s relationship.

Kardashians Piece Together Tristan & Jordyn Cheating Scandal: "KUWTK"  Katch-Up (S16, Ep11) | E! - YouTube

For the past 14 years, it is safe to say that Keeping up with the Kardashians has entertained the world. With the new season premiering at the beginning of 2021, we are sure it will be one to remember.



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