How Well Do You Know the New Bachelorette Tayshia?

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With such an exciting season of the Bachelorette so far, many fans are wondering about Tayshia’s background. What’s happened so far in Tayshia’s quest to find love both on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and beyond? Here’s what we know.

The Bachelor
Tayshia Adams: 5 Things to Know About the New 'Bachelorette,' From Her  Divorce to Her Love of Adventure | Entertainment Tonight
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Tayshia Adams was on Colton Underwood’s season of the Bachelor. She made it to the final three, which means she made it to the fantasy suite round. Tayshia was then dumped by Colton, along with fellow contestant and fan-favorite Hannah Godwin. Colton then decided to be with contestant Cassie Randolph. The infamous fence jump scene from Colton’s season came right after Tayshia was sent home.

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Bachelor in Paradise

Tayshia went on this Bachelor spin-off in another attempt to find love in 2019. She then found herself caught in a love triangle with John Paul Jones and Derek Peth on Bachelor in Paradise. Tayshia ended up choosing fellow fan-favorite, John Paul Jones, who is also referred to as JPJ to much of Bachelor Nation. The two did not last throughout the entire season in Mexico, splitting up on the show. However, the couple later reunited in real life before finally calling it quits after about 2 months together. Tayshia said that their busy schedules partially caused the break-up.

Tayshia Adams Dating History, Bachelorette 2020: Ex-Husband, Colton |  StyleCaster
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Outside of the show

Tayshia was previously married to her first love, Joshua Bourelle. After less than 2 years, they split in 2017. The couple was together for about 6 years before marrying. The divorce was finalized in 2018. Tayshia said the divorce brought her much closer with her parents.

“There’s a lot to me that makes me me,” she told Us Magazine. “I was married and I got divorced. I actually married my first boyfriend, and I was with him for about six years or so. I guess I could, kind of, since we weren’t doing very well. And I think that’s why I fought so hard just to try to do as much as I possibly could [to save the marriage].”

Many fans have been wondering if Tayshia’s ex-husband will make an appearance on this season of the Bachelorette. In response, Tayshia told people to move on and stop talking about her ex-husband via her Instagram story.

“Yes, I have been married, and yes I am divorced, and yes now I am the Bachelorette and I am dating 20 men on ABC every single week,” she said. “So the fact that we are continuously talking about my past relationship that was three years ago, I don’t understand. I don’t get it.”

“He’s living his life, I’m living my life, you have plenty of other people that have signed up to be researched and talked about,” she continued. “He never signed up for it. So why don’t we leave him alone and talk about something that actually matters? Honestly, I am bored with this entire topic. Let’s move on and find something more interesting.”

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