Strangest “Sexy” Costumes of 2018

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year, so of course everyone wants to be dressed to impress for it. As “Mean Girls” spelled out,  a lot of people use Oct. 31 as an excuse to rock their skimpiest outfit. But Halloween also is a chance to be creative and wear something totally unexpected. The following costumes are proof that you can look hot while still dressing up as something silly or flat out weird.

Sexy Heart Eyes Emoji

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Your Instagram post in this costume will get plenty of comments in real life and on social media. However, we can’t promise that all of those comments will be positive! VALLEY suggests leaving the emojis to iMessage.

Sexy Poop Emoji

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Crappy Halloween! One thing is for sure: you’ll be the only person at the party in this costume. We’re all for unique get ups, but VALLEY poo poos this idea.

Sexy Donald Trump

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There’s nothing sexier than political activism. However, this costume is spooky in a bad way. If you want to look scary this Halloween, stick to being a ghost.

Naked Sexy Man

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Weird sexy costumes aren’t just for girls! Guys can cheat their way to a six pack with this skin suit. However, this costume is more cringeworthy than cute. In this case, maybe there is such a thing as showing too much skin.

Sexy Unicorn

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Recreate your Kindergarten Halloween costume with a college spin. With unicorn makeup brushes, pool floats, and frappuccinos, it’s no surprise that adults would want to dress up as the mystical creature. But this costume is only for big spenders — it costs a whopping $119.75!

Sexy Nun

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Halloween is all about contradictions — tricks and treats, scary and sweet. This costume takes a symbol of modesty and purity and puts a sultry spin on it. We’re all for getting in the spirit of Halloween, but it’s probably best to leave the religion of Halloweekend to church on Sunday morning.

Sexy Fake News

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Imagine trying to explain this costume to someone from 2014. This costume would definitely make a statement, but probably one you want to avoid. Keep it real this Halloween.

Sexy Minion

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You can give a shout out to your Aunt Theresa’s favorite Facebook meme. This costume is one in a minion, but with “Minions 2” not coming out until July 2020, this costume may be too ahead of its time.

It’s official: you can make any Halloween costume sexy. Let the creative juices flow this spooky season. Whatever you come up with, it can’t be weirder than these “sexy” costumes.


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