Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2018

BOO! I know, almost as scary as the temperature drop. It’s spooky season and with Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start planning your best costume. If you’re having trouble and need some quick inspiration, VALLEY has you covered. Here are some of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.

Kim Kardashian

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Keep up with Kim and the rest of the internet because she is the most googled reality star costume on Google with over 4,000 searches per month.

Wakanda Warrior

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“Black Panther” was a must-see movie this past year and Princess Shuri made a riveting debut, becoming a top search on Pinterest. For this costume, you can head to Lyst to find identical outfit accessories that will bring Princess Shuri to life.

Tonya Harding

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Another film, “I, Tonya,” rocked ratings positively when it came out in 2017. It is reported that Pinterest confirmed a 720 percent increase in searches for Harding after the release. Skating skirts and leotards have also been popular among costumes sold.

Wonder Woman

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This popular superhero has been searched 5,000 times per month since the movie’s premiere, according to SEMrush. Many parts of this costume are easy to create, such as the headband and shield.


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According to SEMrush, there have been over 3,000 searches for unicorn DIY costumes per month this year. This mystical creature is a unique and creative costume that anyone can make in no time.


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Do a little dance, floss a little floss, and the candy will be falling out of the sky and into your bag. While Fortnite is known for inventing dance moves, it is coming in as the top search of the year for Halloween costumes in 43 different states according to Google.

There you have it. Some of the top Halloween costumes for the 2018 spooky season. Be sure to visit your local Halloween pop-up spirit store to get your supplies while they last. Halloween is that time of the year where everyone expresses themselves and uses their creative juices through in costume … unless you’re a bunny every year, let’s be original people. Whether you’re 5 years old and trick or treating, or 20 and going to Halloween parties, the fun never ends. Stay safe and stay spooky!


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