The Holidays—Yes or No?

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As the holidays are in full swing, so is COVID-19. The virus is at an all-time high, and many holiday festivities look differently. Some people don’t feel like it’s the holidays during this crazy time.

What Should You Do?

Healthcare professionals are worried about large gatherings and have advised the public to not have family over this year. A hospital nurse, Tisa Salina, explains that people shouldn’t congregate with family. Tisa says, “Overall, I think people are better off waiting until the next holiday to get together with their loved ones.” Although she advises against it, she does recognize that there are special circumstances. She talks about how important mental health is during this time, and it is important to see loved ones. She says that if you have a loved one where it might be their last holiday, then maybe you could celebrate safely.

For those who choose to celebrate, Tisa encourages that they do so safely. She encourages mask-wearing, and social distancing if you are going to get together with people. Overall, though, she advises against it.

How to Still Have a Fun Holiday Season

If you are not getting together with family in person, here are some ways you can celebrate from the comfort of your home!

#1: Zoom

Ugh—you probably hate the word zoom by now, but not being in person shouldn’t stop you from keeping all of your family holiday traditions! If you normally do activities with the family, you can do so over zoom! With things like gingerbread house making competitions, you can easily do so over zoom! Zoom has a poll option, which makes it easy to have family members vote for their favorite gingerbread house! In a way, it is so cool to have Zoom, because you could have so many people on at once—more than you can fit into your house!

#2: Secret Santa

If you normally do a secret Santa with your friends or family, you can still do it! You can do so by sending letters and presents via mail, but having a friend send it from their address! This is a way you can still do secret Santa without seeing your friends and family in person

#3: Strengthen Other Relationships!

Although you can’t see all of your family, you may still be living with your immediate family. This crazy time is a perfect way to get closer to the family that you live with and spend quality time with them. Bonding by playing games, watching movies, and gift-giving are some examples!

Whether you are getting together with people this holiday season or staying home, do so safely! Practice social distancing, mask-wearing, and washing your hands often!

Tips for your Holiday Season

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