COVID Comfort Culture

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, people have taken to finding new ways of entertaining themselves, especially while the world was under quarantine. Most of the younger generations spent their time scrolling through TikTok and other social media platforms to fill the time. While on those apps, most of the users began revisiting things from their childhood, like books, music, movies and TV shows.

Lots of people had a multitude of ways to pass the time during quarantine, and even now. Most of those ways included people in their late teens and early twenties reverting back to the things they loved when they were kids. 

Books, music, movies and TV shows are quick ways to pass the time, and since everything was at a complete standstill in the entertainment industry for many months, the only thing left was to entertain with old content. 


Probably one of the most prominent things to happen during quarantine was the rise of BookTok, which is people on TikTok creating videos about old and new books. The most widespread of these “BookToks” were the ones focusing on Harry Potter. Now, most people read the Harry Potter books in elementary school or middle school and the fascination stopped there, but recently, more and more people have been rereading and rewatching the books and movies from the franchise.

In recent weeks, more and more people have been enjoying the comforts of this fictional world, as well as other worlds, like the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It’s funny how much about mythology people actually remember. 


While a few artists did find a way to put out new music, there weren’t nearly as many new songs and albums a week as there are. Instead of listening to the week’s new chart-toppers, people started listening to songs that were popular when they were in middle school and high school. There were those that found it comforting to feel like they were back in the middle of the mosh pit at their 8th-grade dance. 


Jumping back on the Harry Potter train, scores of people now had the time to actually have an HP movie marathon, not just once, but multiple times. People also found themselves watching old Disney movies and classics. Before quarantine people didn’t have the time to watch all 11 Star Wars movies, but now they do. 

TV Shows

With the exception of a few shows, mainly the phenomenon of Outer Banks, the television world was also brought to a stop. Without their weekly show to tune-in to or no new shows to binge, young adults began watching their old favorites again, like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy as a way to satisfy their binge-watching needs. 

COVID Comfort Culture became a thing during the pandemic, causing people, especially the young generations to become interested in what they thought they outgrew. Sometimes all people need is a reminder of the good times when all they see is the bad. 


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