Maintaining a Web Presence for Millennials

It’s no secret that everyone is glued to their smart phones while scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site. Are they looking for news, though, or are they keeping up with the lives of the people they follow? Social media sites have become notoriously used for people to document every moment of their life. From trips down the shore to new job opportunities, avid social media users want people to know what direction their life is going in. In order to maintain a strong following, with several people viewing your social media every so often, it’s important to develop a strong web presence. What is a strong web presence, though? VALLEY has some tips on how to create web-based profiles, sites and platforms so that you will be positively recognized online.

Keep a Blog or Website

No need to fear, you don’t have to be a skilled writer to keep a blog or website. Yes, having an ability to write is definitely a plus, but blogs and websites are more than just that. Remember in middle school when Tumblr was all the rage? Well, that can be your blog platform still to this day if you choose! Blogs, in general, are meant to represent you as a person such as your hobbies, interests and what makes you stand out. Similarly, a website is slightly more in-depth than a blog because you can link it to an online résumé. Think of it this way: a blog is your personal platform to best represent yourself, whereas a website is more professional and can highlight all of your important achievements. Such achievements could include previous internships, jobs, memorable experiences or anything along the lines of what can best sell you as a potential employee for a company.

Maintain Clean and Representative Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular for documenting your personal life for your followers to see. Facebook is deemed as the ‘family’ site because your distant relatives want to see what you’re up to while in college, what kind of job you have or any other life milestones that can be discussed during the holidays. Twitter can swing both ways — personal or professional — depending on the audience you want to reach. Instagram is a good mix of both, allowing you to share posts that show off your passions, accomplishments, vacations or anything else along those lines. No matter the site you prefer, though, it’s important to make your profile look clean in a way that best represents you, especially if you have public accounts. The second a post goes up on any social media site, it’s there for not just your followers to see, but for the world to see. Maintaining clean and representative social media is also key when applying to jobs. The moment that an employer gets wind of your information, they’ll want to look at your social to see if you’d be the best candidate for the position. If they happen to look at the wrong post, it may not end with you getting the job. It’s best to keep everything clean at all times.

Build Connections on LinkedIn

Connect, connect, connect! If there’s anything to take away from networking as a millennial these days, it’s that follow-ups and connections are crucial. To do so, create a LinkedIn profile that highlights all of your accomplishments, skills and former employment opportunities, and find people that may have similar qualities as you. Also look for potential employers of some of your desired companies that you can connect with to let them know you’re interested in working for them. LinkedIn tends to be an overlooked form of social media because of how professional it is, but the outcomes from using it are endless. You never know … you could meet someone at a job fair, an internship or maybe even at the grocery store. Connect with them on LinkedIn, and they could offer a world of opportunities for you to utilize.

Maintaining a web presence, especially in today’s professional world, is important when it comes to job hunting, connecting with others or just wanting to look desirable online. Everything has become digital, so the more positive content online, the better.


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