LinkedIn Meets Tinder? Shapr the New Networking App

Photo by Alex Webster

Everyone knows that networking is essential to college students, but it can also be a bit awkward. While chit-chat and small talk can lead to some great connections, it does not come without a few cringeworthy moments. Thankfully VALLEY has everything you need to know about the new networking app, Shapr. Shapr is designed like Tinder except instead of swiping left or right for romance, you’ll find yourself swiping for potential networking connections. The concept is interesting to say the least, so VALLEY  set out to discover why over 700,000 people are now using the app to network.

Custom Profiles

Photo by Alex Webster

The best part of this app is being able to modify your profile to show exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be people to collaborate with on a project or opportunities to build a professional network. You can write a short bio, list up to 10 skills you have and include previous work experience as well as your education information. You can even list your favorite ways to meet and link your Twitter, LinkedIn or portfolio site. Shapr is also very user-friendly and setting up your profile is almost effortless. You can connect the app to your LinkedIn page and it will automatically pick up your picture and other information from your profile.


Shapr makes networking a lot more seamless and it eliminates the small talk. It lets professionals in your field of interest know that you’re looking to network and gives you a platform to do so, no awkward conversation starters necessary. Shapr is also used all over the world so you can network in any city you go to. For college students and graduates especially, connecting with people can really help build a professional network when living in a new city. You can meet mentors, land jobs and chat with like-minded individuals who inspire you.

Why a dating app format?

Photo by Alex Webster

Though the app is very similar to LinkedIn, Shapr has a convenience and uniqueness to it since it makes networking as quick as swiping left or right. But what’s behind the idea of making networking into a dating app? CEO, Ludovik Huraux, tells Yahoo that he thinks networking should be a lifestyle and that now people can easily network every day. He says it also makes networking at conferences and events much easier as it takes into account your location, like dating apps do.

Overall, Shapr’s efficiency and creativity has brought networking to a whole new level. Connecting with others has never been more innovative and easy to do. If you’re looking to get a start in the professional world, VALLEY highly suggests that you download Shapr as soon as possible.