Free Campus Events No One Knows About

Graphic by Ben Pietrusinski

Everybody loves the word “free,” especially college students who are trying to save every penny they can get. If you have a meal plan, eating out with friends in places other than the dining commons can sometimes be a struggle if you don’t have a magical money tree growing in your room. Being a college student isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean having fun has to be a thing of the past. To help solve your problem, VALLEY is here to bring those two things together and give you an exclusive look into free events all across campus.

Photo by Carissa Flores

Meet Me at the MET Steps

Always wanted to feel like Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf sitting at the top of the MET steps, but don’t have the extra money to take a trip to NYC? You’re in luck because there’s two spots across campus that will make you feel like you’re part of the Upper East Side without having to spend a dime.

The HUB Gallery located in the HUB-Robeson Center, is a small intimate gallery with an array of cultures and artists spread across its walls. You can find it on the second floor … and the best part you might ask? It’s always free!

Next up is the Palmer Museum of Art situated right next to Forum. It’s home to 11 very diverse galleries, a print study room and a garden of contemporary sculptures. The outside steps mimic the famous MET steps, so get your cameras ready for all of the VSCO-worthy pictures to come.

Appreciate the Fine Arts

Penn State’s Center of Performing Arts always keeps their website up-to-date and always has a list of free events open to the public as well as some that are free for Penn State students. If you and your friends ever want a break from the books and a change of scenery from the library, be sure to definitely check out this talented group.


Photo by Carissa Flores

Broadway, N.Y. in State College, Pa.?

The theater—an excuse to get dressed up and witness the fine arts in action. Broadway may be 262 miles away (yes, we checked), but the fine arts is still all around campus if you know where to look.

No Refund Theatre is a theater group on campus that puts on free performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Find them in the HUB Flex Theater or in Forum for a modern twist on the fine arts.


Don’t Forget Your Popcorn

An Über ride, the price of a movie ticket and of course the price for your large popcorn can quickly add up if you still don’t have that magical money tree in your room. No money is needed for another exclusive look into a fun, free night on campus. HUB Late Night is the perfect solution for a low-cost Friday and Saturday night with friends. From free movies to activities like Nerf capture the flag and creative crafts, HUB Late Night might just be your next go-to.

Artist Takeover

Comedy, paintings and bands all in one place? Over in North Halls for only one day a year, SOMA presents Art Crawl—a free event where local musicians and aesthetes in general go to enjoy music and art. Stay up to date on their Facebook page to get all the details about this very unique and might we add, free, event.

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