How-To: Graduation Pictures at Home

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While we may not be at school to take the iconic graduation pictures at the Lion Shrine, the “We Are” statue, the Pennsylvania State University sign, Old Main, our freshman dorms or at our favorite bars downtown, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some at home. Yes, some of the backgrounds may be different, but this is your time to get creative and have fun — especially if you already have a dress, and cap and gown. You don’t want to put them to waste! VALLEY has some fun ideas for at-home graduation pictures that’ll last a lifetime. 

Go to Your Local Park

If you’re lucky enough to have an open park in your town, head over there for some pictures! Numerous towns are filled with parks that have the ideal backdrops for pictures, such as fully bloomed trees and flowers, ponds, woodsy areas and open fields. If you go at the right time of day, you can even get the perfect sunrise or sunset with a nature background. Get in touch with your nature side and be creative!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

High school…as if! But, wouldn’t it make for a great photo-op? Strutting down the track that lines the football field, posing atop the stands where you spent Friday nights watching games, or even at the entrance leading up to your school could make pictures fun and turn out pretty nice. Plus, you spent enough time at your high school while you were there, so why not spend a little more time taking some great pictures to reflect all your hard work.

Go to Your Favorite Bar, Restaurant or Cafe 

While Champs, the Phyrst, Pman or Cafe can’t necessarily make an appearance in your hometown — unless you’re currently living in State College — then take a trip to your favorite spots at home. Order some food for takeout and pose outside of any bar, restaurant or cafe of your choosing and make the most of it. You’ll also have food, so what could make the day any better than that?!

Get Together With Your Best Friends From Home

If you’re fortunate enough to have your best friends from home back in the area during this time, call them up and take some pictures with them (while following your town’s coronavirus guidelines, of course). This is the one opportunity that you’d all be able to celebrate your graduations together, so take a chance in documenting it. You’re all sharing in a special moment and those pictures would highlight all of your fond memories together. 

Are you considering taking graduation pictures at home, or already had some done while on campus? Well, share them with us @VALLEYmag on Twitter or tag us on Instagram!


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