Unique Places to Take Your Graduation Pictures

Photo by Vanessa Feng

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the twelfth week of the semester. For some of you, with just three weeks of classes left, it means the sweet release of a long summer break. However, this is the time of the year when seniors are scrambling to tie up loose ends, be it ending old relationships, turning in late assignments, or getting your graduation pictures done.

For those of you who are still trying to get graduation pictures done but are having a hard time figuring out how not to copy everyone else on campus, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these hidden gems around campus that will give you the uniquely awesome graduation pictures you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Hintz Family Alumni Center

Even though this is typically known as where the ducks flock to in the spring, we think they may be on to something. The Hintz Family Alumni Garden is fully equipped with a pond, a stone bridge, a white gazebo, and a beautiful vine arch.

The Tulip Paths in the Arboretum

Hundreds of thousands of tulips  — and other flowers — pop up around the Arboretum each spring. Though they may not be the prettiest colors of all – blue and white – they’re perfect for vibrant and stunning pictures. Valley highly suggests wearing neutral colors, though.

The Back Patio of the Arboretum

People hold their weddings here all the time because the back patio of the Arboretum is equipped with big, flowy white curtains with a back drop of either the east side of campus or the grassy hills that we know fondly as the tailgating fields. Either way, you can’t go wrong here on a sunny day.

Anywhere in the Arboretum Honestly…

With all the new enhancements the Arboretum has seen in the last five years, it’s nearly impossible to peruse the entire grounds without finding one picture-perfect scene. There’s lilly ponds, a giant fountain, countless art structures, and even a bamboo forest. Just use your imagination! Also, this place has a great view of Happy Valley sunsets.

The Millennium Science Complex

This quaint little garden, while super cute and quiet, doesn’t really ever seem to get much action for some reason. There’s paths, pebbles, and a few benches. This location is good for a simple photo with a modern twist. Plus, if you go at dusk, there are lights that line the sidewalks.

Hiester Street Mural

If you’re super passionate about Penn State’s history and ever-expanding alumni base, check out the giant mural on Hiester Street. Hang a left at Inferno and you can’t miss it.

The “Harry Potter” Room in Pattee Library

For the book worms and general good students out there, the “Harry Potter” room is a great place to get a graduation picture that will tell people, “Hey, I actually did study!” Not to mention, this room in the library has its nickname for a reason – the high ceilings and old, wood furniture just give off that studious vibe we’ve all been searching for.

Your Favorite Bar

Okay, this one is a bit silly and probably isn’t appropriate for your graduation announcements! But, there’s nothing wrong with commemorating what you’ve done off campus while you were here.

These are just a few of the many beautiful, memorable places to take graduation photos around State College. In the end, it’s about what means most to you. Make them unforgettable and don’t forget to smile!

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