Making the Most of Virtual Graduation

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For the class of 2020, one of the more difficult loses to cope with has been the cancellation of graduation. For so many, graduation ceremonies are the culmination of years of hard work and a time of celebration with friends and family. While this year’s virtual graduation ceremonies are a less than ideal way to honor this year’s Penn State graduates, VALLEY has some suggestions to bring a bit of normalcy to your graduation celebrations this coming weekend. 

Send an Evite to friends and family 

Rather than mailing out typical graduation announcements in the mail to friends and family this year, send out an Evite to your loved ones that includes the link and important information for your online ceremony. Evite has free template options for the class of 2020 that can bring a bit of excitement to your family members while providing them with details on how to tune in virtually. 

Order takeout

Food is one of the easiest ways to turn your social distancing graduation ceremony into a fun celebration alongside those you are quarantined with. Just because you’re “graduating” at home doesn’t mean you can’t get takeout from your favorite restaurant and order a cake from a local bakery.

Get dressed up with your family

Looking for a way to give your graduation ceremony a more authentic feel? Get dressed up in your cap and gown! You can even have your family join in — have them throw on some fancy clothes for the occasion. With everyone dressed as they would have been at an in-person ceremony, you can still take group photos together to commemorate your unique graduation day. 

Zoom with your friends

Despite social distancing, Zoom makes it easier than ever to feel connected to our friends from afar. In order to still celebrate with your Penn State friends that contributed so much to your college experience, video chat while watching your virtual graduation ceremonies. You can still share this special moment with your friends, even from a distance. 

Virtual graduation ceremonies are certainly a disappointment to the class of 2020; however, they are necessary to keep our Penn State community safe. During these uncertain times, we can still take these small steps to make our virtual graduation feel a bit more special.

Luckily, the University remains committed to offering an in-person celebration of Penn State grads when it is safe for larger group gatherings, which may make for a more meaningful graduation than ever before — not only recognizing the class of 2020, but also celebrating the end of these troublesome times. 


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