Looking for a Laugh? Try These Netflix Comedy Specials

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There’s no doubt that many people are currently in need of a bit of laughter to lighten up these heavy times. Luckily for you, Netflix is home to countless stand-up comedy specials, with something for everyone’s taste in comedy. A simple search of Netflix specials shows just how many are available to stream, sorted by everything from “high energy comics,” to “storytellers,” to “bold and brash.” Looking for a place to start? Check out these popular specials that are guaranteed to make you laugh. 

John Mulaney
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With not one, but three comedy specials currently streaming (“New in Town”, “Kid Gorgeous” and “The Comeback Kid”), this former Saturday Night Live (SNL) writer has some of the most popular stand-up specials on Netflix. Covering a range of random and ridiculous experiences from his life with witty humor, Mulaney’s specials have a little something for everyone. 

Ali Wong
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Ali Wong’s two Netflix specials (“Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife”) skyrocketed her to comedic fame and are sure to make you laugh. Pregnant in both specials with her first and second children, Wong’s raunchy and hilarious humor about being a wife and mother make these specials a must-watch. 

Taylor Tomlinson
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A newcomer to the world of Netflix comedy specials, Taylor Tomlinson’s “Quarter-Life Crisis” is an instant hit. Centered around her experiences as a millennial female who is “over” being in her mid-twenties, Tomlinson’s relatable young-adult humor should be added to your watch-list.

Pete Davidson
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Yet another new special released this year, SNL cast member Pete Davidson’s “Alive from New York” is perfect for those with a more cynical and crude sense of humor. Addressing everything from the public controversies he’s been a part of to his relationship with Ariana Grande, Davidson’s stand-up special is another one to check out. 

Seth Meyers
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Late night host Seth Meyer’s Netflix special “Lobby Baby,” is a hilarious special with a more story-telling feel. Focused on how his wife came to give birth to their child in the lobby of their apartment building, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud as he relives the experience. 

If you find yourself sick of binge-watching, comedy specials are a perfect way to break up your typical streaming and give you time to laugh about the ridiculous shared experiences of people everywhere. With so many comics at your fingertips, go explore what makes you laugh. In these uncertain times where we too often find ourselves worried and stressed, the power of comedy may surprise you. 



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