Everything We Know About “Outer Banks” Season 2

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of “Outer Banks.”

Those who have already binged the action-packed first season of “Outer Banks” are in for some great news — Season 2 is on its way. Keep reading for all the latest buzz about the next season, from the creators, the cast and more.

Before we dive into the latest tea, let’s sum up Season 1 and all the jaw-dropping drama that unfolded.

Viewers were initially introduced to a group of teens, known as the “Pogues,” led by John B. We soon find out that John B’s father went missing after searching for a sunken ship…a ship that housed $400 million in gold. The Pogues then set out on a suspense-filled journey to find the treasure, but it comes with many repercussions. Due to not knowing the truth behind everyone on the island, the gold eventually slips out of their hands and gets shipped to the Bahamas.

In the end, John B finds himself falsely accused of murder with the entire island searching for him, so he takes matters into his own hands and sails away into the eye of a storm with his girlfriend Sarah, who is part of a group called the “Kooks,” aka the rich kids in town. The last minutes of the final episode reveal that John B and Sarah survived the storm and were rescued by a ship heading to Nassau, the location of the the gold. Whew, what a season — and that’s not even all of what happened!

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So…onto what we know about what the future holds for the Pogues. Netflix has not officially confirmed anything yet; however, don’t fret — showrunner and creator Jonas Pate is already writing the next season. He recently talked to USA Today about how he is stirring up ideas for what’s to come. He has also mentioned several times how he and other creators of the show see it turning into a four-part series. Three more seasons of John B?! Sign us up!

Pate also told Entertainment Weekly, “The Pogues think that John B. and Sarah are dead…that gave us some dramatic possibilities that we could explore before we get them all reunited. We love that part of the show, having the Pogues together…” Creators of the show seem very excited about where the series will hopefully go and definitely have many stories up their sleeves that we cannot wait to see unfold.

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Not only has there been chatter from the creators, but the cast has been sharing their hopes of returning to set. Chase Stokes, who plays John B, spoke to USA Today about his future plans for his character.

“This is a teenager who is about to take on the biggest journey of his life and do right by the memory of his father,” He told USA Today. “That’s really exciting to think about, and I’m pumped to hear people’s reaction and what they want to see in Season 2.”

Fan favorite JJ, played by Rudy Pankow, shared his excitement about a potential second season with Star News Online.

“I will freak out if we go to the Bahamas. I thought I was living the dream already, but going to the Bahamas would be the absolute peak.” He also added how he would hope for his character to develop even more. “I want to see JJ struggle to find the Pogues again…I want to see him step back from the Pogue life. If he believes John B is dead, that will hit him hard…”

Madeline Cline, who plays Sarah, also was part of that interview and added her thoughts about the future of her character’s relationship with John B.

“The first season only took place over a few days, so they are in this whirlwind romance brought together by a crazy adventure and a traumatic experience…What will it mean when the conflict of everything they are running from catches up to them?”

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For Netflix to give a second season a go, it is crucial that the show does well on the streaming platform — which it has been doing! “Outer Banks” has been a top trending show both on Netflix and all over social media ever since its release in April.

With the show gaining countless positive reviews and praise day by day, Netflix’s “Outer Banks” has a promising chance of returning back to our screens with new stories that will for sure leave us on the edge of our seat!

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