Meet the Final Four Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15

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Forget spring or summer — it’s Rupaul’s Drag Race season! Since January, 16 fierce queens across the country have been competing in the competition of a lifetime. Anetra, Luxx Nior London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Sasha Colby have certainly stolen the hearts of avid Drag Race fans across the globe — this final four is being marked as one of the best in all fifteen seasons. From sewing challenges, lip sync battles and various acting and musical performances, these queens have been giving it their all each and every week. With just one episode left, which queen will take home the crown?

Since the finale airing on Friday, April 14 at 8 p.m. on MTV, VALLEY wanted to show appreciation for each queen and highlight what makes each of them so special, especially at a time when drag community is being targeted by lawmakers.

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Meet the queen that knows how to walk that duck — Anetra! Hailing from Las Vegas, Anetra has gathered three challenge wins in the competition and had been named as one of the performers when it comes to lip syncing.

Anetra has had many viral moments throughout her season, but there is one moment that fans seem to always love talking about — her talent show performance. This was Anetra’s first performance for the judges and she showed them exactly who she is — a natural born performer. In her performance, Anetra showcased the famous duck walk dance, along with her taekwondo skills.

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In the comments under her performance, YouTube user @PajaroReactions says, “Anetra officially entering to the ICONIC performances book of RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and VALLEY couldn’t agree more.

One line Anetra delivers during an episode that sums up her talent and personality is none other than the iconic quote where she says, “I’m giving you splits, dips, getting some chips and eating some dip, we’re doing everything!”

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Luxx Noir London
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Meet the high-fashion queen of season 15, Luxx Nior London! Originally from New Jersey, the talented queen has served look after look on the runway each week, all while combining the core four attributes to a winner on Drag Race — charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent! Each time she hits the runway, she tells a story, and the judges and fans have taken notice.

Luxx has collected two challenge wins, while only being in the bottom two once — a very impressive statistic when it comes to Drag Race! She has held her own throughout the competition and has always stayed true to her confident and poised self.

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One of Luxx’s wins was for a design challenge where she needed to create a look fully from scratch from unconventional materials. When reflecting on that experience during the recent reunion episode, Luxx says that it was one of the “product moments” of her life.

Luxx also spoke about her success on the mainstage. When it comes to slaying the runway, Luxx says “Have fun, pace yourself and try something new.”

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Mistress Isabelle Brooks
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There is no better queen than one who keeps it real 100% of time, and Mistress Isabelle Brooks is exactly that. Representing Houston, Mistress has been a breath of fresh air in the Drag Race franchise. She always stays true to her classic Texan drag roots, while bringing a fresh and original spin on her looks and comedy.

Coming from a background of pageants, Mistress knows how to paint and pull together a show-stopping look. She has shined throughout the competition, gathering one challenge win.

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Throughout her run on the show, Mistress has created many viral moments thanks to her quick wit and humor. In her verse on the show remix of RuPaul’s “Blame it on the Edit,” she raps, “MIB, I’m the MVP, it makes sense why all the girls envy me, cause imma clock the tea and I don’t give a tuck, excuse me why you mad? Like a piece of West Bumtuck. But guess what, yes I said it and I made it true, I’m the next in line kin to Mama Ru, and if you step out of line imma gather you, make room cause the big girls coming through!”

In the reunion episode, Mistress spoke about what drag means to her, in which she says, “One of my favorite things about drag is bringing joy to people. I want to make everyone laugh and have a good time because that is what drag is all about.”

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Sasha Colby
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Last, but certainly not least, meet your drag queen’s favorite drag queen, a.ka. Sasha Colby. The Hawaiian native is simply an icon when it comes to drag — she is mother. Sasha hails from the legendary Colby family and she has won many pageants and competitions throughout her career — Miss Continental 2012 being perhaps her most notable win.

Sasha has gathered four wins throughout the season — the most out of the final four. After winning various types of challenges, Sasha has shown she is a vertsile queen who is ready for anything thrown her way.

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Sasha has blown not only the fellow queen’s away, but also RuPaul himself — which is a very high honor. In unseen footage released during the reunion episode, RuPaul says, “I’m amazed by you. I’m the mother******* Queen of Drag [and] I’m amazed by you!”

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