Shantay You Stay! RuPaul’s Drag Race, a Must-Watch

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Fashion, makeup, entertainment and most importantly drama: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has it all. This Emmy Award-winning reality television show has been running consistently for 10 seasons and has three additional all-star editions. Mother RuPaul created this series to showcase the fiercest up-and-coming drag queens from across the country. Each week one queen gets eliminated from the competition and the girls get feistier by the episode, trying to win the crown.

Each episode of the series begins with a fun mini challenge that the queens have to complete. An example of a mini challenge is Sitting on a Secret,” where the girls have to sit on a random item blindfolded and guess what they were sitting on. The most anticipated mini challenge each season is Reading is Fundamental,when the queens have to read each other or, according to Urban Dictionary,  “point out a flaw in someone else and exaggerate it.”

The winner of the challenge gets an upper hand for the maxi challenge of the week. Maxi challenges are big performances put on by the queens that are ultimately judged by the panel of judges. Maxi challenges can be anything from spoofs of reality shows like “The Bachelor” to a live musical performance dedicated to Cher to a stand-up comedy routine. To go along with the maxi challenge, the girls also have to create a signature look for the runway that is also critiqued by the judges. Each look has a special touch that is unique to the queens and makes them stand out. Amanda Siegel, an avid watcher of the show, says that “the runway makes me so happy. I love all of the fashion and makeup. It gives me inspiration for things I can incorporate into my own style.”

After the maxi challenge, the judges deliberate and choose a winner along with the two lowest ranking for the week. The two lowest are up for elimination and must lip sync for their lives.” This is when the two girls go head to head and must lip sync to the song chosen for the week and stunt their absolute hardest in an attempt to avoid elimination and continue in the competition. The loser of the lip sync must “sashay away” and leave the competition for good. You honestly never know what’s going to happen when watching this show, and week by week it just gets more addicting.

VALLEY believes that “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is not only a very entertaining show, but it is also one that can expose viewers to a completely new and amazing world of inspirational people. Aside from all the drama that goes on, all of the queens are connected because they have a lot in common. They experience the same kind of treatment all over the country because people don’t understand why men dress like women for fun or even for a living. If you get addicted like VALLEY has, you will love everything that comes along with this series.


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