The State College Drag Scene: What to Know and How to Show Support

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While football games and other athletic events are common choices for supporting student events, some are just as eager to witness their fellow Penn Staters attempt a “death drop”. Not sure what that means? No worries! VALLEY is here to break down everything there is to know about the Penn State drag scene.

Although a drag performance makes for a fun-filled evening, the art form’s importance to the LGBTQ+ community cannot be overstated. A representation of the defiance of strict and harmful gender roles, drag serves as a method of celebrating individuality and freedom of expression.

By supporting local drag events, Penn State students can promote the idea that clothing and makeup have no gender. Whether you’re already a fan of drag or are completely new, there are many talented local performers, both inside and outside the student body to support. So, take a moment to contour your nose, and step into your favorite pair of platforms as we explore ways to enjoy drag here in State College!

Opulence: The Official Penn State Drag Club!
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With over 1,000 student organizations at Penn State, there is sure to be one for practically anything you can think of, and drag performances are no exception! Opulence is University Park’s official drag ambassadors club — a group of aspiring drag queens who can be seen locally. The organization’s mission is to give anyone in the student body who is interested in trying out drag an outlet to do so and to grant aspiring queens a way to hone their craft. They often appear for performances at the local venue, 3 Dots Downtown, on Beaver Avenue. To support Opulence and learn about their upcoming events, you can follow them on Instagram @psuopulence!

The State Queens are Serving!
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The State College area is a place where many interests are represented, and luckily, drag is no different. Penn Staters may also enjoy the talents of drag enthusiasts unaffiliated with Penn State, who are known as the State Queens. Not only have these local celebrities taken over the area’s drag fan community, they also strive to broaden the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in State College. They accomplish this by appearing outside of a performance setting, including at the Schlow Centre Region Library to read books to children. They also were seen marching (in pumps!) in State College’s very first LGBTQ+ pride parade. To find out about their upcoming events, you can follow them on Instagram @statequeens!

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