Bailee Madison Makes Directorial Debut with “Worse” Music Video

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You’ve probably seen her on your TV screen at one point. From “Wizards of Waverly Place,” to “Just Go with It” and “The Fosters,” it’s seems like actress Bailee Madison has grown up onscreen alongside all of us.

The actress recently expanded her creative horizons and ventured from acting to directing, making her directorial debut this month with a music video for the song “Worse” by the band New Hope Club. The band includes Madison’s boyfriend, Blake, and the music video is not only directed by Madison but also features several of her Disney castmates. 

David DeLuise, David Henrie, Jennifer Stone and Maria Canals-Barrera from “Wizards of Waverly Place” all guest star in the music video for the British boy band. Alongside Madison’s boyfriend of over a year, Blake Richardson, the band, which formed in 2015, features guitarist George Smith and drummer Reese Bibby. The music video itself is impressive, aesthetically pleasing, and will leave you wondering what you’re doing with your life considering you’re probably around the same age as the director.

In a reaction video on the band’s official YouTube channel, Madison recalled how Canals-Barrera “raced over from her daughter’s recital to make it on time.” Madison adds in regards to Canals-Barrera’s appearance, “Also, I don’t know how, but I filmed with her ten years ago. She’s younger now.”

Band member George Smith spoke about DeLuise, “I freaked out. I recognized him from somewhere…I was like, ‘I’m hardcore fanboy-ing right now.’” Madison agreed, adding, “He’s such a talent, he’s so brilliant.” 

Other well-known guest stars in the music video include Maddie Zeigler and Meg Donnelly.

Madison spoke about the features.

“I just think that it was so cool…like the fact that they were down to do it and support all of us. One, that’s really cool. But two, that they didn’t just come, they gave it every single tape.” 

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