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Day to day, we are often bombarded with statistics, press conferences and opinion pieces about the current state of the society whenever we turn on the news. While information is necessary in navigating these times, it can also be suffocating. Thankfully, our friend John Krasinski can help us out with that.

Krasinski, former star of “The Office,” decided to post a video on YouTube of a good-news-only news network around the end of March. With the help of a logo made by his daughters, and a cameo by personal friend Steve Carrell, the first “Some Good News” episode was created. Featured were feel-good stories from around the globe where everyday people stepped up to the plate to make the world around them a better place. Krasinski even chatted with Coco, a teenager who was welcomed home with a social distancing celebration after she finished her final round of chemotherapy. 

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After this, the program took off. With over 16 million views on just the first episode, people couldn’t wait for the next episodes. Krasinski’s smooth transitions between witty and heartwarming stories are just what people need right now. Other celebrities got involved in many ways. Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s wife and fellow actor, made more than one appearance. Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt stopped by to comment on the weather. The cast of “Hamilton” bombed a video call to surprise a superfan who was meant to see them on Broadway. 

The joy didn’t stop there. Krasinski talked to people across the nation, highlighting their touching stories. From giving the doctors and nurses at a Boston hospital a day off at Fenway Park, to getting inspiration from a dad in Alabama who danced with his daughter after she missed her prom dance. After chatting with them, SGN decided to go live to host a virtual prom for the global class of 2020. The Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper and more stopped by to spread the love. 

The inspiration from these stories continues to spread, even out of this world — the International Space Station sent a message from outside Earth’s atmosphere. AT&T reached out to Krasinski, and decided to cover all healthcare workers’ phone bills for 3 months after being inspired by his show. 

At the end of each episode, Krasinski closes with, “Remember that no matter how tough life can get, there is always good in the world.” As we navigate the unexpected every day, it is important to remember the light. If you can’t find it, this program has all you need. Check them out on Youtube or Instagram, and don’t forget to give VALLEY a follow while you’re there!


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