Listen To Your Heart: Your New Source Of Drama

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Buckle up, Bachelor fans! ABC just aired its new show, “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.” The show is a spinoff of “The Bachelor” with a musical twist.

The pilot episode of “Listen to Your Heart” started off with a mix of men and women being welcomed into the infamous Bachelor mansion. Each contestant has a musical background, so while looking for love, they will simultaneously be pushing to pursue their careers. 

The rose ceremonies also offer another twist to the show. During week one, the women chose which men they wanted to stay, and during week two, the men chose which women they wanted to stay. Future rose ceremonies will be different each round. Week three, however, was couple-based eliminations based on the chemistry each pair presents during their performance.

If you’re looking for drama, you’re absolutely going to find it here. Just on night one, there were a whole lot of tears and a whole lot of scandal.

As per the three episodes that we’ve seen so far, the biggest scandals include the following: people falling for multiple people, people having histories of cheating on their significant others, and people promising others a date, and then not choosing them to go on it. 

Jamie, 21, took interest in two contestants just from night one: Trevor, 29, and Ryan, 30. Ryan gets the first date card and chooses Jamie to go on it.  After going on a date to the recording studio where the two sang “Gravity” by John Mayer, Jamie shocked us all by giving her rose to Trevor at the end of episode one.

Fun fact: if you recognize Trevor, that’s because he’s already made his debut on American Idol in 2018!

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Rudi, 24, and Matt, 32, instantly hit it off on night one as well, but things take a turn after Matt promises her a date and ends up taking Mel, 27. Rudi goes around the house trash-talking Matt to the other girls, leading to beef between Rudi and Matt. By episode two, however, they’re back like nothing happened.

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Sheridan, 27, has had feelings for Julia, 27, since the first night, and while she cares for him back, she also really cares for Brandon, 34. With 10 minutes left of the first episode, Sheridan wrote Julia a song, and she ended up giving her rose to him. By episode two, Julia changed her mind and decided she liked Brandon more, but Brandon gave his rose away to someone else. Instead of being sent home, Sheridan saved her and gave his rose to her, even though he knew that she prefers Brandon.

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If you love drama, romance, and music, this is definitely the show for you! Have you already been keeping up? Tweet us @VALLEYmag and let us know your opinions!

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