Can You Find Love On TV?

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There are plenty of dating-centric TV shows aimed at helping single people find their other half, but what are the chances of actually finding ‘the one’ on a TV show? Shows like “The Bachelor”, “Love Island” and “Love is Blind” boast about helping contestants find true love, and with a proposal in practically every season of “The Bachelor”, you’d think that a lot of the couples end up together. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Measuring marriage as a success, the Huffington Post charted 18 seasons of “The Bachelor” and 10 seasons of “The Bachelorette” to determine how likely it is to actually find love. They counted all the break-ups, engagements and marriages and completed a statistical analysis based on their findings.

They found that contestants on “The Bachelorette” seemed to be better at finding love, with a 30% success rate. Contestants on “The Bachelor” had less than half of that, with only an 11% success rate. With Peter’s rollercoaster of a season in mind, these statistics seem to make sense.

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The popular British show “Love Island” has even worse odds for anyone trying to find love. The show follows hopeful singles, or islanders, on their quest to find the one. With a similar set-up to “Bachelor in Paradise”, contestants come and go. However, there is a cash prize for the strongest couple at the end.

Professor Jennifer Rogers from the University of Oxford crunched the numbers and found that contestants only have a 7% chance of finding love on the show.

However, if you factor in the chances of actually being selected as a contestant on the show out of all the possible candidates then it’s even less likely to find your soulmate on “Love Island”.

This means that the probability of an applicant being selected to go on the show and then finding love is around 1 in 35,000.

This is surprising compared to other numbers that she’s generated. For instance, on average 43% of the contestants will leave the show in a couple.

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Other shows have slightly better success rates. Netflix’s popular dating show “Love is Blind” followed 15 men and 15 women in their journey to find the one without seeing each other. In the dating experiment that aimed to figure out if love is truly blind, singles would visit pods to talk to each other, only to finally meet face-to-face if they got engaged.

Of the couples on the show, three are still together. Two of the couples are married and one has continued dating.

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