Let’s Talk About Kylie Skin

Photo from kylieskin.com.

As many people may know, Kylie launched her skincare line, creatively named Kylie Skin, in May of 2019. Approaching the launch, Kylie took advantage of her massive social media platforms to promote this line as the best of the best. Being that Kylie Jenner is an absolute social media star, an idol for many young girls and one of the youngest billionaires in the world, her audience definitely had high standards for Kylie Skin.

With that being said, Kylie Skin completely sold out within minutes of the launch. The hype surrounding this line was inevitable and people around the world, especially other influencers and skincare gurus, ran to purchase it. As Kylie restocked and got her products on shelves all over the world, Kylie Skin became available to pretty much everyone. With this type of mainstream popularity, opinions and controversies inevitably come along with it.

Kylie Skin quickly became one of the most reviewed skincare lines across various social media platforms, especially Youtube. The very much trusted and known skincare specialist and guru, Hyram Yarbro, initially posted a video upon the launch regarding Kylie Skin, called “DON’T BUY KYLIE SKIN.” This video focuses on the ingredients used in Kylie’s products that could be potentially harmful. Hyram specifically focuses on the Walnut Face Scrub, which has ultimately become the most controversial product of Kylie Skin. Allegedly, the incorporation of real walnut shavings used in the scrub can lead to extreme irritation and even tearing of the skin.

What VALLEY finds especially important is Hyram’s mention that someone as popular as Kylie Jenner with platforms as large as hers has a following of young girls who would pretty much buy anything or do anything that they believe will make them look as beautiful as she does. This is an important point because Kylie, as well as other major influencers, need to take that into consideration and be held accountable that their products and promotions are actually good to use and not just for business and marketing purposes.

Another popular Youtube influencer, Penny Tovar, posted a Kylie Skin review which she claims to be the “raw and honest truth,” unlike others who are trying to get on the PR list or jump on the hate bandwagon. This review is more in-depth; there is information on each product and also includes before and after images, which are definitely helpful for anyone debating purchasing Kylie Skin.

Overall, for any product that you are putting on your face, but especially a skincare line that costs over $100, do your research and be sure that your paying for the quality and not just the brand name.



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