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Let’s not kid ourselves. Finding the “right” skincare routine is no easy task. With glowing recommendations, disappointed reviews and variable results competing for your attention, there is a lot of conflicting information out there about the beauty industry. In addition, just navigating the skincare aisle can be a daunting experience for beginners: Hyaluronic acid? Sounds dangerous. Collagen? Calling Jen? When? Benzoyl Peroxide? Like Mercedes Benz?

If you’re feeling lost, tired of searching through lengthy ingredient lists, or just looking for a new skincare brand to explore, look no further. Honest Beauty is truly a fabulous brand you should check out.

Former actress, beauty-icon and entrepreneur, Jessica Alba, is the founder of Honest Beauty—the clean beauty brand featuring non-toxic skincare and makeup products. Starting out in the household goods market with The Honest Company in 2011, Jessica Alba expanded her business in 2015 with the foundation of Honest Beauty. Touting vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, toxologist-audited and fragrance-free free products, Honest Beauty is not known for what they put in their products, but what they keep out of them. The “NO LIST” is a long list of harmful chemicals the company strives to keep out of their products, including parabens, BHA, BHT, chemical sunscreens, and artificial colorants.

I created The Honest Company because you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.

Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company

VALLEY is walking you through Alba’s “Daily Skincare Routine” video from YouTube, featuring some of her favorite products from the line and where to find her products.

Step One: Prime + Perfect Mask
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First up in Alba’s skincare routine is the Prime + Perfect Mask. Bursting with antioxidants and infused with shea butter, the Prime + Perfect Mask not only leaves skin looking tighter and brighter — according to Alba — but also reduces the appearance of pores.

VALLEY can attest to the effectiveness of the Prime + Perfect formula. Over the last few weeks, VALLEY has been using this product about three times each week before our nightly skincare routine, and the results truly leave skin brightened and supple!

With four and a half stars out of five on Amazon, based on over 1,600 different reviews, the Prime + Perfect Mask is a must-have! You can get yours on Amazon for $20 right now. Click here to see product info.

Step Two: Magic Beauty Balm
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The second step in Alba’s routine is Magic Beauty Balm. With shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, this all-natural body balm “can go everywhere including lips, eyelids and under eyes,” according to Alba.

You can shop Magic Beauty Balm here on Amazon. It’s currently running for $12.99 and has four-point four stars out of five on Amazon, based on over 1,300 different reviews.

Step Three: Vitamin C Radiance Serum
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Next up is the Vitamin C Radiance Serum. Touting a formulation of Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and artichoke extract, this product will lock in moisture, even out complexion and leave your skin in glowy conditions.

You can find your own Vitamin C Radiance Serum on Amazon for $23.46 currently, a markdown from its typical $27.99 list price. Also, with four and a half stars out of five on Amazon, based on over 1,400 reviews, this product is hot right now! Shop on Amazon here.

Step Four: Hydrogel Cream
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Next, Alba dabs on her 2019 Byrdie Skincare Award-winning Hydrogel Cream. Starting with her forehead, then applying to her cheeks and chin, Alba goes on to say that this specific formulation is made of over 70% water. Also infused with two types of hyaluronic acid, the Hydrogel Cream will leave your skin plump and fully moisturized. In fact, according to Honest Beauty’s website, “93% of women agreed that the cream provided an instant dewy glow.”

You can find yours on Amazon for $19.99. Click here to shop.

Step Five: Magic Beauty Balm Pt. 2

Alba goes in again with another dab of Magic Beauty Balm under her eyes and on her eyelids for an extra touch of moisture!

Step Six: Tinted Lip Balm
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As her routine comes to a close, Alba swipes on a quick layer of Tined Lip Balm on her lips — which comes in seven different shades. Complete your routine for $8.99 with this balm — click here to shop all colors of lip balm on Amazon.

Step Seven: Elevated Hydration Mist
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Alba finishes off her skincare routine with a few sprays of the Elevated Hydration Mist. With hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract and celery seed extract, this product is just what you need to seal in lasting moisture!

With four-point, four stars out of five on Amazon, based on 999 reviews, this product speaks for itself. You can shop the Elevated Hydration Mist here for $12.96 currently on Amazon—a markdown from the regular price of $13.99.

Take the Quiz!
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VALLEY knows that everyone’s skincare needs are different and unique —and so does Honest Beauty. That’s why the clean beauty brand created its very own skin-type quiz. Just answer a few questions about your skin concerns and lifestyle. It should only take about two to three minutes to complete. Once you submit your answers, Honest Beauty will recommend the best package of products for you and your skin type! Guessing through long ingredient lists will finally be over! Click here to take the quiz!

Honest Beauty recommended the Dry Skin Kit for our inputs. What’s yours? Let us know how Honest Beauty is improving your skincare routine! Tag us @VALLEYmag on Instagram!



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