Glam or Scam: Glitter Body Art

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Glitter is something we used to decorative arts and crafts with when we were little kids, which inevitably got all over everything we touched afterward.
Fast forward to 2021 and it is now being used to decorate our bodies in the prettiest ways and designs.

However, is it even worth it to decorate your body with glitter that will only last for a short period of time, and then have to deal with the glitter appearing on everything you touch after?

Sofia Gianareas, a junior studying business administration and management, is very in favor of glitter body art. 

Gianareas said she has used it for occasions such as Halloween and State Patty’s weekend, and it lasted throughout the night each time she’s used it. 

Gianareas said that her body glitter did not go everywhere as one would expect, but the hair glitter did.

She said that she just “threw [the glitter] in [her hair],” but used glue to apply glitter to her body. 

For face glitter, she said she used eyelash glue which can cause it to go everywhere, but said she has since learned how to apply it better.

However, Gianareas said that she would use body glitter again because of how it looked when she was done applying it.

“If applied right, it can turn out to be beautiful,” Gianareas said. “[The] outcome is worth it, and it is also very trendy.” 

Another student, Teaghan Edleman, a freshman studying biobehavioral health, said it was a bit messier for her. 

Edelman said she has used it for events such as Halloween, camps and parties, and that it lasts for several hours.

However, she said the glitter “usually falls off onto fabrics” and is “somewhat hard to get off.”

Edleman said she used glitter glue and glitter mixed with hair gel to apply the glitter to her body. 

According to Edleman, both helped to keep the glitter in, but they made it harder to take off.

“To apply it, I would just use my fingers,” she said. “It was messy and I had to scrub my hands after.”

Although it came with a little bit of a fuss, Edleman said she would use glitter for body art again.

“It’s fun even though it’s inconvenient,” she said. “I would use it again, but I would not use it very often.”

Even though glitter is not the best material to work with, it sure seems like it is worth a try based on those who have used it. 

If you have the right materials to apply it, maybe try it out for your next event! Just be prepared to clean up a little bit.


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