Moving Out! Penn State Sends Move Out Email

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The end of the semester is approaching! No more classes or exams to stress over! Now, it’ll just be State College without the college — but, there is one thing. University Housing closes at 4 p.m. on May 8 for East Halls, and 4 p.m on May 9 for all others. Penn State Housing sent out the anticipated email on April 12 about Spring 2021 housing. 

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Not only do on-campus students have to say goodbye to their dorm, they also have to say goodbye to their friends and State College. This year was certainly different than previous years in regards to dorm life due to COVID-19. 

Sophomore, Nolan Jacob, noticed a difference between dorm life before COVID-19 to the current climate. “I ended up spending the majority of most days in my dorm room sleeping, doing class, even taking out food from the cafeteria and eating where I live,” Jacob said.

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“I also think that the new rules against guests have made it much more difficult to meet with people not living in our hall,” Jacob said acknowledging the comfort he once had but understanding guidelines in place to ensure safety.

Freshman, Maria Cima, felt as though she was living through the typical dorm experience. “I mean obviously [dorm living during COVID-19] was not perfect,” Cima said. “It’s not what I always thought about when I envisioned it, but I know that [Penn State] is doing their best.” Cima said that dorm living is a “great experience” and an “important thing” to have. She recommended living on-campus in a dorm “at least once.”

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The Penn State Housing Office left many tips and instructions for move-out included in the email. They suggest coordinating your move-out to be different than your roommate(s) move-out time and packing items in advance. The best times to depart would be before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. because these are the slower hours for move-out. 

As for guests, only one is allowed to assist in moving items from the room. This person is expected to wear a mask and social distance whenever possible complying with COVID-19 guidelines.

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For more information, talk to your RA or check your email from housing! VALLEY wishes everyone safe travels as they head home!


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