The hashtag, #justiceforFifthHarmony, has been trending this past week, and if you want to know why Fifth Harmony, as well as other singing groups, need justice, VALLEY has the answers.

The famous televised singing competition, “The X-Factor”, and one of its judges, Simon Cowell, are currently in the process of being cancelled after reports that the show and music industry are putting money over artists’ mental health. 

“The X-Factor (U.K.)” is facing criticism after John and Edward Grimes, an Irish singing duo better known as “Jedward,” went on a Twitter tirade and bashed the show as well as its creator, Simon Cowell, for its false treatment of contestants.

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According to Jedward, “every contestant on the X-Factor was a slave to the show and got paid Zero while [judges and producers] made millions!”

Some of these contestants include bands such as Fifth Harmony, One Direction and Little Mix.

Jedward went on to Tweet that contestants had to “act” like their judge was mentoring them, and that the judges only care about their ‘paycheck.’”

“Simon Cowell thinks he’s the mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift,” Jedward tweeted.

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Record label, Syco, and music promotion company, Modest Management, are also taking heat for all of the controversy after Jedward said that One Direction and Little Mix are “legally f***** in contracts and can never speak out [about issues with the industry].”

Jedward mentioned how common eating disorders and depression are in the industry, and that it’s because “nobody cares about the artists mental health.”

One example Jedward used to describe the issue is that interview questions are looked at before an actual interview takes place so record labels can “control the narrative.”

“If artists go off the script, there’s consequences! Most interview final edits are approved by [the] label before being published!” Jedward shared.

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They also accused the music industry of using the media to destroy the self-esteem of artists, as well as hiring security guards to prevent the growth of the artists’ independence.

The Twitter tirade sparked many discussions in the comment section due to a variety of mixed opinions on the issue.

One user, @HannahM_Maguire, commented, “I have never come across people speaking such facts. Thank you for speaking up. We are forever grateful @planetjedward.”

Another user, @kevinssecrets, also agreed with the pop duo’s tirade.

“This is what I’ve been telling for years. The music competitions are never for the aspiring artists. It’s for the people running them,” she tweeted.

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Other Twitter users were not too fond of Jedward’s comments.

“Sounding a little bitter there I’m afraid,” @lisarobinson147 tweeted. “Lots of TALENT has come from the show and let’s be honest nobody is forced to apply so not too sure what your issue is.”

Another user, @lor_e_al, said “complaining babies. I liked it more when you were political.”

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Although there were users who expressed disinterest in Jedward’s comments, the duo made it known they would not stop until justice is served. 

“You can’t silence the truth! Nobody can drag me down!” they tweeted. 


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