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LaurenMatakas.firstapartmentIt may be the end of spring semester, but for those of you who will be moving from the dorms into an apartment or house downtown, there is plenty to think about regarding packing up and prepping for move-in next year.

When you live in the dorms two years in a row, you load up the same mound of clothes and bins each year. Moving into an apartment is a whole different ballgame. (Finally no more dining hall food or RA’s – yay!). But with new empty space in an apartment, you’re going to need some unexpected extras to make your new place home!

Cleaning Supplies

Whether you have an on-campus meal plan or not, your new apartment will have a kitchen—and you will use it! Make sure to always have extra dish soap, sponges and paper towels at the ready. With kitchen messes and pregames to cleanup, cleaning supplies are a must! A vacuum, swiffer, and Lysol wipes will always come in handy.

In an apartment you are responsible for your own cleanliness. (Bummer!) There are no janitors to pick up after you… just keep that in mind.

Kitchen Supplies

Pots and pans are essential for cooking unless you plan on living off Lean Cuisines and hot pockets! Even if you’re not a chef, boiling water for mac and cheese pasta, definitely requires a pot. The secret to easy cleanup is a non-stick surface – be sure to buy non-stick pots and pans.

Bathroom supplies

Finally, you won’t have to tote all your toiletries to and from the bathroom down the hall! But between you and your roommates, the bathroom will begin to get a little cluttered. Shower caddy organizers and a cheap shelving unit that fits over the toilet or hangs on the wall are the best solutions. Each person gets their own shelf for their supplies. Also, hooks for dirty and wet towels will be a big help when it comes to keeping things tidy in such a small space.


Check your lease contract or with the tenants that are moving out of your new apartment regarding furniture. While some apartments come completely furnished, there are many that don’t! If graduating seniors are moving out of your apartment, talk to them about buying an old desk or table for a lot less than you’ll find in stores just because they’ll want to avoid the hassle of moving extra items out! It’ll make moving in a lot easier on you. If they’re willing to give you their furniture, take it!

Just remember that an apartment checklist is much more extensive than a dorm-room checklist. Check with your roommates, and make a list of who is bringing what. It will make moving into your new apartment less chaotic!

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