Mascara Bottle Theory: Is Travel-Size Better Than Full-Size?

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Hate to break it to you but the mascara-wearing lovers are being scammed. That’s right—the smaller travel size version of the brand bottle will last the same amount of time the full size version does for less. 

To point out the obvious, no one has any idea how much product is inside of any mascara tube since they typically are not translucent. Travel — or sample-size — mascara is about half of the price as the normal size product. Well, why would it matter so much if they end up costing the same total amount? 

For starters, the bottle size means everything here. Since it is a smaller tube, less air is able to mix in with your mascara meaning it will not dry out as quickly. With that being said, the mini version will end up lasting as long as the full-size would — saving half the price for the same amount of time usage. 

Putting the Theory to the Test

Beauty Youtuber Manny Mua dedicates an entire video on the comparison between full size and travel size makeup to give viewers the breakdown of which applies more efficiently and if it is a better bang for your buck. His stance on the topic is that out of all travel size makeup he tried, the mascara was well worth the amount of product, price and quality. 

Mua compared the Better Than Sex Mascara full-size retails for $26 which contains 0.27 Oz. and the mini=size retails for $13 which contains 0.17 Oz. where he then points out that you end up getting more product buying two mini versions to equal the full-size price point. He mentions in the video that the travel size applies less mascara compared to the full-size brush but it made it less clumpy and easier to apply.

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The smaller versions also allow for a simpler application since the wand is easier to navigate. Celebrity makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, says using travel-size mascara makes the whole process less messy.

Overall, VALLEY’s take away from the mascara bottle theory is that the travel-size is the better buy. Mascara is known to dry up fast, and crusty lashes are a no-go in any makeup handbook. When you invest in the smaller size, you are allowing yourself to get the most use out of the product while being assured to have fresh lashes every time and saving your money while doing so!

Did you test out VALLEY’s mascara theory? Tag us, @VALLEYmag, with your opinions on which product size you feel is the better investment!


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