Which Disney Channel Starlet Are You?

Photo posted by Demi Lovato | Instagram (@ddlovato)

You grew up watching their shows, obsessing over their Jonas Brother boyfriends and admiring their distressed denim skirts. They’re the Disney Channel princesses and whether you admit it or not, you used to wish you were one of them.

Now your wildest Disney dreams can come true! Get ready to dust off your oldest CDs from their shelves and take Valley’s quiz to find out which Disney starlet you’re the most like.

1. Your go-to 2000s fashion look is:

A. An old graphic t-shirt, a choker and the darkest eye makeup you can manage to put on without looking like a raccoon. You’re edgy and other people just don’t understand.

B. A cute sundress, matching scarf and Converse. You can’t go wrong with sneakers and a dress.

C. Sometimes pink and glittery, other times leathery and spiky. It’s like you lived a double life or something…


2. What is your signature Instagram pose?

A. The classic head tilt.

B. A sweet, innocent smile. You’ve mastered the smirk.

C. Tongue out, always.


3. Which quote speaks to you?

A. “Your imperfections make you beautiful.”

B. “Even if we try to forget, love will remember.”

C. “It’s my mouth, I can say what I want to.”


4. Describe your perfect man.

A. You like someone older and mature.

B. A guy with a classic boyish charm.

C. You’re into foreign hotties with great bodies.


5. You roll up into the club on a Saturday night. Who are you with?

 A. Your boyfriend. You guys have so much fun together.

B. Your girl squad. All 15 of you.

C. Your pets. They’re always there for you.


If you got…
 Mostly A’s…

You’re most like Demi Lovato! You’ve had some rough patches in your life, but you used those tough times to get to where you are now. You’re confident and you finally have this whole life thing figured out.


 Mostly B’s…

You’re most like Selena Gomez! You’re a hopeless romantic with a great sense of style. You’re sweet and have a lot of friends. You’ll do anything for your squad. You’re a true class act.


Mostly C’s…

You’re most like Miley Cyrus! You’ve had a little bit of an identity crisis over the past few years, but you aren’t afraid to be yourself. You live by the words, “Haters gonna hate.”