Valley Live-Tweets the Emmys

Photo posted by Fox TV | Instagram (@foxtv)

Last night, two of our writers, Kelly Gibson and Margaret O’Brien, live-tweeted the Emmys and let the world know everything they were thinking throughout the show. Through emotional capitalization and witty hashtags, we had trouble selecting our favorites. Recap the night with us through some of their best tweets.

Here we go.

Andy Samberg started off strong.

Obviously, everyone needs to start expanding their television horizons.

When a commercial for the show you’ve been waiting for FOREVER comes on:

Our favorite viewing neighbor.

One word: TRUE.

Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer have inspired us to name our first born child after them. Is it ok to name a boy Amy???

Not to mention Tina Fey…

When things get a bit boring, bring out the blue suit.

Rhonda = bae.

TGIT starts Thursday!! We’re excited to say the least…

Awards shows can REALLY take a toll on our emotions.


If only we all could be so talented AND be able to get a shout out from Amy Schumer.

But, it was the beautiful Viola Davis who stole the show and our hearts.

@EMMYS: this.

When the award show is over and you literally just got off an emotional roller coaster.

Weren’t they great?? These lovely ladies are entertaining to follow on twitter 24/7 so give them a follow! Thanks for re-caping the night with us.