Why We Should “Belieb” Again

Photo posted by Justin Bieber | Instagram (@justinbieber)

Between his undeniably catchy new single “What Do You Mean?” and his emotional VMA’s performance, Justin Bieber has done everything right to get back into the public’s good graces. But, are these enough to forgive him?

Can we forgive him for urinating into a restaurant’s mop bucket? Can we forgive him for egging a neighbor’s house? Well, can we?

The answer is yes, and this is why.

Of course, there is no excuse for criminal behavior of any kind, but there are also so many other things to factor into a decision on the Biebs. His rebel phase was a year or two ago, and that seems to be all anyone associates him with.

Before he was an egg-throwing delinquent, Bieber was a shaggy-haired sweetheart with the voice of a thousand angels. With hits like “One Less Lonely Girl” and “One Time,” Justin Bieber stole the hearts of every young girl in America (and even some older women) with the release of his debut album My World. Remember that?!

Now, Bieber is a man. (Seriously, have you seen his Calvin Klein ads?)

Dropping singles like “Where Are Ü Now” and the previously mentioned “What Do You Mean?”, Bieber has displayed a more mature sound. His music is a reflection of his new attitude. It proves he is now more serious about his craft and wants to be seen as a true artist, rather than a TMZ headline.

And how about the roast?

At his own Comedy Central roast back in March, Bieber concluded the night with an apology. He explained how he was tossed into the entertainment business at the age of 12 with no true direction. He said he recognized the mistakes he had made in the last couple years, and he responsibly owned up to them.

The most recent show of remorse from Bieber was his VMA performance, where he broke down into tears on stage after it was finished. Bieber had told Ryan Seacrest previously in an interview on Seacrest’s radio show that he was incredibly nervous for the VMA’s. This was more or less his “comeback,” and he wanted it to be perfect. If that isn’t a sign of growth and gratefulness for a second chance, then nothing is.

All of this doesn’t mean we should go around wearing “Belieber” t-shirts, but it does give us an opportunity to think before passing judgment. Justin Bieber, like so many celebrities, is not perfect. But, then again, who is?