Shopping for that Special Someone… Who Isn’t a Significant Other

Walk through any major department store or local mall, and it is almost guaranteed you will pass a sign that reads something along the lines of, “Find the Perfect Gift for Your Special Someone.”

The holiday season is a magical time of year, and according to nearly every Christmas movie on Lifetime, it also means it is a time for love. Holding hands while ice skating, exchanging gifts, and of course, kissing underneath mistletoe, are all stereotypical holiday traditions to do with your “special someone.”

But, we want to know— what if your “special someone” isn’t a significant other?

There are so many special people (and animals) in our lives that it’s time we spend some time considering them while we shop.

“My puppy Cooper is my special someone because no matter what, even if I am having a bad day or yell at him, he still loves me,” says sophomore Rehabilitation and Human Services major Bailey Gibson. “Dogs show the true definition of unconditional love.”

If your special someone is your pet, make sure to check out PetSmart this holiday season to pick up that perfect gift.

Say you have an adorable pup waiting at home, try getting him or her a new Orthapedic fleece dog bed. It is the perfect thing for them to cuddle in at your feet or by the fire! If your special someone is a cuddly kitty, look for a Tunnel Pop Up Cat Toy for your cat to get some exercise all while having fun.

Let’s not forget about the other pair of “special someones” in our lives…our parents.

“My mom is the best,” says senior Human Development and Family Studies major Jim Murphy. “She makes me smile from a simple text. She’s nuts and crazy, but in the best way. I can’t thank her enough for what she does, especially the small stuff.”

Our moms are incredibly special people superheroes in our lives, and they deserve a gift just as great as them. Although most women do love a nice piece of jewelry or fancy perfume, moms are not most women. Try straying from the material and give a gift that mom will appreciate by doing rather than buying something. Give her the night off from cooking for the family by making her dinner instead. Do her laundry or wash her car. Even the smallest, thoughtful gesture goes a long way.

If dear old dad is your special someone this year, try making time for just the two of you to do something you both can enjoy. Take him to a sporting event for one of his favorite teams or bring him to a concert you know he’s been dying to attend. Despite what commercials tell you, not every dad wants a new tool kit.

No matter who your “special someone” is this holiday season, remember that the most important part of your gift is that it comes from the heart. Happy Holidays, Penn State!