A Very Valley Christmas

Photo by Bernadette Gomez

It’s finally Christmastime in State College and as a student, the joy that comes with this season is one of the only things dragging us through these upcoming finals. What beats Christmastime in State College? Nothing. The Rockefeller tree has nothing on the Allen Street tree and even though we don’t really have our windows display yet, we’re working on it.

There’s absolutely nothing better than coming home to twinkling lights and the scent— fake or real —of fresh pine after a long day of mind-numbingly boring classes. Even though pursestrings are extra tight around this time of year, we at Valley understand the dire importance of spreading Christmas cheer, are here to help you reach your Christmas decor-nirvana, without being completely broke come Christmas.

Wallpaper Wonderland

What better way to beat those final exam blues than by staring at a wall covered in glitter and snowmen? Rhetorical question, because there is absolutely no better way. Skip on over to McLanahan’s after classes and pick up a couple rolls of wrapping paper. Generally, a roll should cost no more than $5. Grab some tape, merrily sprint back home and start snippin’. By now we assume the mere sight of Christmas wrapping paper has riled you up and your wall should be complete within minutes. Go subtle and start with one wall, or go crazy and cover every surface you can find. It’s up to you. We support you whichever way you decide.

Aude to an Ornament

Ornaments individually don’t cost too much, but when you start filling up your tree, the dollars start adding up. If you’re getting nervous about your holiday spending, opt out for making your own ornaments. Making paper snowflakes is a great way to fill in those empty holes in the tree, and if you’re feeling extra crafty, buy some ribbon and make bows —  a huge bow could also make a magical tree topper.

Getting ~~LiT~~

Okay, so even though there really isn’t a way around Christmas lights costs, definitely opt out of getting LED lights. Those are always more expensive and Valley does not support the blindingly white color of their lights (or maybe we do? It’s yet to be discussed.) Moreover, there are other ways to string your lights other than just hanging them along your walls. For a more outdoor-garden-at-night feel, hang them along your ceiling (as pictured above). You can even substitute your regular light for these year-round. There’s nothing wrong feeling a little year long cheer, right? We won’t tell if you won’t tell.


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