Rent Your Way To A Fashionable Night


Rent the Runway offers a unique service in which you can rent anything from a ball gown to a skirt and so many things in between. It’s like having a very fashionable sister that doesn’t mind sharing her clothes and happens to be the exact same size as you.

A Very Valley Christmas


Even though pursestrings are extra tight around this time of year, we at Valley understand the dire importance of spreading Christmas cheer, are here to help you reach your Christmas decor-nirvana, without being completely broke come Christmas.

A Dash of Healthy: Veggie Egg Frittata


College kids aren’t exactly known to be top chefs and that’s why we have to stick to making foods that are simple to make like Easy Mac, toast, cereal and of course, eggs. As long as you can crack an egg and slice some veggies, this recipe is perfect for you.