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If you’re a communications major and you’ve ever been made to feel inferior by your roommate who’s studying biomedical engineering or your cousin who’s seeking a career in corporate finance, you’re not alone.

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A Very Valley Christmas


Even though pursestrings are extra tight around this time of year, we at Valley understand the dire importance of spreading Christmas cheer, are here to help you reach your Christmas decor-nirvana, without being completely broke come Christmas.

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Are you the Cady Heron of the Halloween party?


There is a happy medium and deciding on the right costume isn’t always easy, but no worries because Valley’s got your back. To help you narrow down some of your costume ideas (and to avoid a costume faux-pas) we’ve put together this little quiz that should help you be your best, most confident Halloween self.

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Dear Incoming Freshman


Remember that night you spent cramming for an exam the next day, because you knew it would make or break your final grade? What about those endless SAT prep classes that would get you into a decent school? And that relentless voice inside your head nagging you about your GPA? Well, it all paid off!