The Bachelor — American Garbage or Gold?

Photo posted by The Bachelor | Instagram (@bachelorabc)

A short five weeks ago, Monday night became one of the most eventful nights of the week — and that’s saying a lot. It’s tough to admit out loud, but once done, it’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You can truly be yourself, garbage taste in television shows and all. If you’re unfamiliar with the complex feeling we’re talking about, don’t feel bad — you’re definitely better off. But if you find yourself glued to your couch as soon as the clock strikes eight, you’re not alone. You’re addicted to The Bachelor, and Valley is here for you.


Trashy reality TV is one of those classic American guilty pleasures, like juice cleanses and Fantasy Football. We all know it’s absolute garbage, but we still find ourselves racing around during commercial breaks to make sure we don’t miss one second of Olivia causing drama and Ben being his tall, perfect self. Even if it’s “completely staged” (even if the the evidence is inconclusive) and is truly rotting our brains, we can’t stop watching and we don’t understand why. Interestedly enough, neither do international students.

Sophomore Inés Montfajon, a French public relations student, says she started tuning in this season after all the hype over Lace (R.I.P.). “What made me watch it was because everyone was talking about it on the web, Facebook and my friends so I wanted to see what it was like,” she says.

It’s been a long four weeks since then, and naturally, contestants have began professing their love for — and ownership over — Ben. If four weeks seems like a short time, it’s because it is, despite the fact that time in The Bachelor moves much faster than in the real world.

“We have similar shows in France such as “Les Princes de l’amour” or “La Villa des Couers Brisés,” Montfajon says. “I think the hype is way bigger here because there are many shows like that in Europe, so people only stick to one or two. That type of show is more popular here than in Europe.”

The conclusion? This kind of mind-numbing trash reality television offers us is apparently universal. The Bachelor is our own American branded form of garbage and should be celebrated as such. So don’t let anyone make fun of you for tuning in — they’re clearly missing out on the best part of Monday’s. Long live reality TV and may the reign of Ben Higgins be long and fruitful!