Landing Your Celebrity Crush: Valley’s Do and Don’ts Guide

She quickly rose to stardom for something unexpected. Now she is the idol of every fan girl. Her name is Danielle Ceaser and she is now dating her celebrity crush, Jake T. Austin. Can you say #FanGirlGoals?

Our new favorite love story began on social media. Danielle started tweeting Jake in 2009, saying, “I wanna meet @JakeTAustin so badly.” Then, in 2011, Danielle attended a signing at Planet Hollywood and met Jake for the first time. She uploaded a photo of the two on Instagram and the next day earned a follow from Jake on Twitter. So, how do you become your celebrity crush’s significant other? Allow us to show you the way through Valley Do’s & Don’ts: Fan Girl’s Guide below.


First things first:

Narrow all of your celebrity crushes down to one. Say goodbye to the recently engaged like Skylar Austin and Robert Pattinson or new dads like Louis Tomlinson. Don’t be sad, though! That still leaves us with a pretty large, above-average pool to choose from.


Following, the social media kind:

It’s fine to follow your celeb crush on all of social media. However, don’t get all Taylor-Swift-Blank-Space on them. Keep it cool and try to tweet at them occasionally. Maybe even Instagram a photo of them for #MCM or even a photo of you at their movie premiere or concert, etc. Don’t try following them in real life though. That could get very weird with a huge side of creepy. Instead, go to a meet and greet if you can and attend their events.


Things to talk about:

Communication is often the key to a successful relationship. Find something in common with your celeb crush and try to make the communication meaningful. Whether it’s an organization you both support or a stance on a current issue, try to make it more than just “WOW, UR 2 Cute, LUV U.” It could potentially lead to a follow back or retweet, which in turn could get the ball rolling to something bigger.


But just remember…

If you end up like Danielle and Jake, congratulations! However, understand that what happened with them is a one in a million circumstance. If it doesn’t work out and you don’t end up with a rich, impossibly gorgeous and talented actor bae, fear not! This helpful guide can work with just about any crush, with certain exceptions, of course. In the end, just remember to embrace your inner Queen B and dance for all the single ladies out there.



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