THON 2016: Which Children’s Cartoon Does THON Remind You Of?

Ever wonder what children’s cartoon THON reminded people of? Well at Valley, we did. We went straight to the floor during the 46 hours to ask the dancers what cartoon reminded them of THON. With an array of answers, here are some of our favorites:

Calvin and Hobbes


Laura Lano, senior dancer for Atlas

Laura said it reminds her of THON because of Calvin’s relationship with Hobbes, that others see as an inanimate stuffed tiger. She described the feeling being similar to THON because it’s not “real” until you’re actually there. Then, once you are you’re like, “Oh my gosh it’s real!”

Where’s Waldo


Marissa Getty, senior dancer for The American Institute of Architecture Students

Marissa said it reminds her of THON because there’s so much going on that not one thing is in focus.

Tom and Jerry


Katherine Hoover, senior dancer for Kappa Phi

THON reminds Katherine of Tom and Jerry because of all the commotion. She was talking about “all of the energy,” surrounding her.

Rocket Power


Danny Sack, senior dancer for Ohana

Danny chose Rocket Power as the children’s cartoon THON reminded him of. He said this is due to all of the characters doing whatever they want to make them happy. He said he stayed happy by playing catch with a bouncy ball.

Fairly Odd Parents


Sooriya Jhanagan, senior dancer for South Asian Student Association

Sooriya thought very intently about her decision. She conversed with her Dancer Relations Committee Member, “someone who is always happy and seems positive?” They nixed SpongeBob and landed on Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents. She says, “He’s never negative, he always likes to have fun and is very childlike. He has an innocent playfulness to him.”


The most common choices were SpongeBob and Toy Story.

Toy Story


Michael Cognetti, senior dancer for Acacia

Michael said THON reminded of him of Toy Story. He says it’s because, “dreams are unlimited, with the work we put into THON there’s no telling how far we can go.”


Alli Winslow, junior dancer for Reform University Fellowship

Alli chose Toy Story because it has a theme of all the toys sticking together. She says, “as a campus, we have to stick together for these kids,” it offers a sense of community similar to that in Toy Story.


Jenn Inglesino, senior dancer for Alpha Delta Pi

Jenn agreed by saying it’s because of all the different stories that come together. Her favorite characters are the little green aliens in the claw machine.



Stephanie Pinter, senior dancer for SNAP

Stephanie said THON reminded her of SpongeBob. She chose the Bowl episode where all of the characters perform. All of the THON performances and dancers inside the “bowl” of the BJC probably had something to do with this.


Ryan Benoit, senior dancer for Ohana

Ryan said that all of the energy reminds him of SpongeBob. He said it especially reminds him when everyone does the “around the world” move in the line dance.


Tanner Stuart, senior dancer for Professional Golf Management

Tanner said the lighter side reminds him of SpongeBob. It’s all “fun and entertaining,” he said.


There you have it, the top responses of children’s cartoons that reminded dancers of THON. Which would you pick? Tweet us @ValleyMag!