Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred — Does It Work?

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Chloe Ting, a spunky 34-year-old from Brunei, has broken the internet with her 2 Week Shred Challenge workout program. All across the nation, influencers and college students are swearing by Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred Challenge. These simple, yet challenging at-home workouts have become the new fad for all of those who want a kick-ass workout. Those looking for the perfect summer abs have seen crazy results — with participants losing belly fat in the short span of two weeks!
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OK, but is this trend really the way to get those sculpted summer abs? Let’s jump right in!

Energy Levels

According to an article by Everyday Health, working out daily boosts mood and energy levels throughout the day. Ting’s workouts include between two and four videos a day, and participants can choose to do them in the morning, evening, or split throughout the day. After completing this workout for the first few days, your body should adapt to a familiarity of this schedule, which will keep your energy levels high.

Losing Weight

Influencers all over YouTube have documented their experiences with Ting’s 2 Week Shred program, the majority of them claiming that they have lost a few pounds throughout the process. However, there are tons of different factors that play into this, such as diet and sleep schedule. Losing weight is going to be different for everyone, so this workout is going to produce contrasting results for all participants.

YouTuber Vinita Kalia lost 7 pounds during her Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred journey. She claims that “if [she] was eating really bad, [she] wouldn’t have seen these results.” Through the program and the inclusion of healthy recipes in her everyday diet, she was still amazed at the results of her Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Challenge. 

Sculpted Abs

We all know that getting abs is the ultimate summer goal for many people. Does this workout really work to get those summer abs? The answer is that it varies for everyone, due to body weight before starting the Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Challenge. Those who are striving for abs will probably see a change in their waist measurements, like how YouTuber Vinita Kalia saw a decrease in her waist circumference after completing the workout.

Overall Strength

In all, Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred participants claim a change in their overall strength due to the high intensity of her workouts. Ting sculpts her workout videos to target the whole body, rather than just focusing on one part of the body. A user from Reddit saw improvements in their upper body strength after the program.

“When I started out I could barely do 5 pushups. Now I can do at least 10 pushups with proper form!”

So, Fact or Fiction?

Overall, there has been anything overtly negative so far about the Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred workout. This workout seems ideal for those who are trying to lose weight, sculpt their abs and gain strength; however, this workout is different for everyone — and not everyone will see results in just two weeks.

No matter what, you should love your body for what it is because you are beautiful!

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