Clothes-Hoarding: Why You Should Be Doing It

“What if I’m going to want to wear this again?” “What if it comes back in style?” If these thoughts, and others, are thoughts you have while cleaning out your clothes, it’s time to face the facts: you’re probably a clothes hoarder.

A lot of people don’t have this problem; they’re confident enough in their decisions, and know that if they haven’t worn it in the past three months, they probably won’t wear it ever again. While it really is great to be able to clean your closet and start over, don’t worry clothes hoarders—here’s the silver lining you probably never noticed.

To a certain degree, vintage will always be cool, despite what Regina George might think (for the record, that vintage skirt was cute, but whatever, Regina). As simple observation could tell you, fashion trends are always coming back in style. As it is, we’re seeing a surge of bell bottoms, wide-legged jeans and suede everywhere—and these pieces do not come cheap. So if you’re wondering where to find these without breakin’ your bank account, look no further than your mom’s closet. (What?! I know, I know.)


Being the picky shopper that I am, I often find myself staring at my closet, dissatisfied with my options. Then I make my way to my mom’s closet and to my surprise I always find something that, previously disgusting, has come back in style. Here are some of my mom closet-finds.

1. Bell bottoms

Why are these always going in and out of style? Beats me, honestly, but whenever they’re back in, mom never disappoints. I found various pairs in different shades of denim, and a bonus pair of brown suede ones.

2. Denim vests

I actually don’t remember the last time that these were in, but this summer they’ve been popping up everywhere, and since I didn’t feel like spending half my allowance, I dug around and, of course, found one.

3. Bathing suits

High waistlines have taken over, even making their way into the swimsuit world. Thankfully my mom never throws anything away, and I definitely benefitted from that when her high-waisted swimsuit became my high-waisted swimsuit.


If you’re a clothes hoarder, don’t let the haters bring you down. Hoard it all away! Keep it forever! You’ll use it at some point again, I promise. Sure, your closet will look like an absolute mess and probably induce a couple of panic attacks, but your kids will thank you for it someday when you save them (realistically, yourself) the cost of whatever it is that’s coming back in style. Clothes hoarders, I respect you, I admire you, I get you.

Shoutout to Dori for the awesome clothes; what’s yours is mine, right mom?



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