Are you the Cady Heron of the Halloween party?

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It seems that at every costume party, we always see that girl who takes it waaay too far and is doing waaay too much. We look at her, thankful that we knew where to draw the line, but sometimes are we not doing enough? Can we really call throwing on a pair of ears a costume? There is a happy medium and deciding on the right costume isn’t always easy, but no worries because Valley‘s got your back.

To help you narrow down some of your costume ideas (and to avoid a costume faux-pas) we’ve put together this little quiz that should help you be your best, most confident Halloween self. So, without further adieu, let’s find out if you’re the Cady Heron of the Halloween party.

1. It’s the first football game of the season! Your ideal outfit is:

a. A cut-off Penn State shirt, a pair of shorts, and your oldest beat up white hi-tops.

b. A Penn State bow, Penn State socks, a really intricately-cut Penn State t-shirt, Penn State poncho stuffed away in your back pocket for that 20% chance of rain, those Penn State Vans you just splurged on… Do you see where this is going?

c. A blue or white t-shirt. You left your Penn State paraphernalia at home and haven’t really gotten around to asking your mom to ship it to you.

2. When choosing a picture to post on Instagram, you:

a. Probably just turn up the contrast and saturation a bit just to make sure the Insta world doesn’t know your summer tan is long gone.

b. Edit the heck out of it. The less natural it looks the better. C12 on VSCO cranked all the way up? Yes, please. Give me all the colors.

c. Hardly touch it. Maybe you’ll send it to your friend who has Whitagram so she can resize it for you but if she takes too long to respond you’ll just go ahead and post it, sans-white border.

3. Your ideal, ahem, pre-party song leans more towards:

a. What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber (<3)

b. Boy Oh Boy by Diplo and GTA

c. Song? Playlist? Not necessary; I’m just getting ready and going.

4. You just missed the bus for your 9:05 class and have decided that you’re going to be late, whether you wait for the next bus or just walk. This in mind, you decide to:

a. You just wait. I mean, you’re gonna be late anyway so might as well wait for the bus and arrive in comfort.

b. Run. You cannot miss this class and even if you have to do that stupid backpack run up Shortlidge, it’s happening.

c. Go, but decide to take a detour and head to Mackinnon’s on the way. What’s the harm, right? Odds are you’ll decide to skip and wait for the next class.

5. It’s your best friend’s birthday next week, but she lives across the country! What do you do?

a. You make her a care package! It’s filled with her favorite candy, a jar of Nutella, and that necklace she’s been dying for for weeks now. You give yourself a pat on the back for remembering.

b. SURPRISE HER, DUH!!! Please, this flight has been booked for months and she has no clue, but whatever it’s not like you’re bragging, it’s no big deal.

c. “Happy birthday girl ilysm have a great day” – sent at exactly 12 am, like a champ.


If you chose mostly A’s

Congratulations, you are not the Cady Heron! You’re probably pretty level-headed, and not terribly lazy! You’ve found that happy medium that’s so difficult to attain, and we at Valley couldn’t be more proud.


If you chose mostly B’s

You are the Cady Heron, it’s true. You’re super enthusiastic and excited about everything, and the best thing to do is acknowledge it and move on. You go Glen Coco!


If you chose mostly C’s

You’re not lazy, you just find joy in the simple things in life! You’re a ~minimalist~, and you’re 100% okay with that, so we are too. Keep doing your thing!

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