Quiz: Which Character from Halloweentown are you?

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It’s that time of year where all of the scary movies play on all of the major networks, and we deeply miss the best Halloween movie of all time. Yes, we’re talking about Disney Channel’s Original Movie, Halloweentown, which turned 18 years old this season. Want to reminisce while crying a little about how people born the year this DCOM aired could be a college freshman? Take Valley’s quiz to figure out which character from the movie you’re the most like. Because Halloween is cool.

What is essential to your trip to Halloweentown?
A. Your favorite broom
B. An escape route
C. Knowledge of all creatures
D. A disguise

When told you can’t do something you want to do, you..
A. Be all kinds of shady and do it anyway because #rebellion.
B. Accept your fate and do something productive instead.
C. Get creative. There is always a loophole.
D. Destroy everyone and everything in sight. Revenge is the answer.

What is the best thing about Halloween?
A. You get to be open about your love for all things twisted & spooky.
B. Nothing. This holiday shadows actual important dates, like Arbour Day.
C. You get to see people you normally wouldn’t see.
D. It’s the perfect time to plan something big.

What were you like in High School?
A. An outcast. Plain and simple.
B. The smartest in the class.
C. Independent and outspoken.
D. Student Council President.

Describe Halloween in one word
A. Fascinating
B. Stressful
C. Life
D. Mysterious

You just found out you have powers. What’s the first spell you want to learn?
A. How to fly
B. Powers? I want to learn how to wake up from this nightmare
C. How I can help the world in any way I can
D. How to use mind control on other peasants

What is something you tend to hide from others at first?
A. My interests
B. Embarrassing family members
C. I have nothing to hide, I am who I am
D. Too many things to list. I am very private

What kind of music do you mainly listen to?
A. You have plenty of guilty pleasures and love pop music
B. Easy-listening and acoustic
C. You don’t have time for music, too busy slaying life
D. Angst-filled ballads that express your inner pain

What’s your ideal way to spend Halloween?
A. Trick-or-treating or just being with friends
B. Staying in and dodging the mayhem
C. Pulling pranks on your loved ones
D. Scaring people as much as you can

Mostly A’s: You’re Marnie!

“I’m 13, I’m practically a grown up.”

Congratulations, you’re the most like young Marnie, a soon-to-be powerful witch. You’re extremely determined and motivated, and you refuse to take no for an answer when it comes to things you feel right about in your heart. You like to do things dramatically, like almost not dropping the Talisman into the magic Jack O’Lantern to save the world, for example. You’re also totally stubborn and think you can conquer anything, just like every 13-year old. Ah, teenagers. Enjoy being recast by Sarah Paxton in a few years!

Mostly B’s: You’re Dylan!

“I’ve decided this is really a dream, so why worry?”

Congratulations, nerd! Seriously, you’re one smart cookie. Sure, you can’t make cookies move yet with magic like your younger sister (spoiler alert), but you have powers brewing that you aren’t even aware of yet. You’re the logical one and see situations from all angles. You care deeply about your family and would do anything to protect them, even if you think you’re simply just trapped in a dream/parallel universe. Keep on watching earth documentaries, warlock. Your time is coming.

Mostly C’s: You Got Agatha!

“Being normal is vastly overrated”

Congratulations, queen! You slay everyone and live and breathe magic. You don’t take lip from mere mortals and have no problem asserting your independence and or turning fried chicken into an actual chicken to prove a point. You believe in being yourself even if you’re a total freak that recounts spells and uses instant to make witches brew. Besides, being normal was never part of your plan anyway. Keep your head up high, queen witch. You’re the best around.

Mostly D’s: You’re Calabar!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 3.15.44 PM
“You think your magic is more powerful than mine?”

Congratulations, everyone hates you! Why must you be so handsome and powerful yet equally so evil and conniving? You’re honestly just really bitter because the love of your life married someone else, so now you have taken it upon yourself to ruin the lives of everyone around you. You need a whole lot of love and possibly a face-lift. Seriously dude, that decaying look isn’t working.

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