Simplify Your Life with Subscriptions

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In a world where almost anything can be ordered and customized within a few clicks, daily essentials such as toothbrushes and razors can be too. Subscription services for everything you need can simplify your routine and create your perfect beauty and wellness regimen.

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Buying razors and replacement blades consistently can be a pain, but there is a way around running to the drugstore so frequently. A new subscription service, Billie, defines itself as “the new body brand”. Offering razors and replacement blades for only $9, Billie’s subscription services are based on how often you shave. Flamingo — started by Harry’s, the men’s shaving startup — is another razor subscription service dedicated to matching women’s razors with men’s. With replacement blades in packs of four, eight or twelve and free shipping from both companies, running out of razors is almost impossible.

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You have probably heard a Quip ad in almost every podcast you listen to  — and for a good reason. Quip is an electric toothbrush subscription service that sends battery and bristle replacements every three months for just $5. Taking all of the guesswork out of when it’s time to toss your old toothbrush, Quip makes this daily habit easier than ever.


There seems to always been a new vitamin trend, but choosing exactly what to take can get confusing and before you know it, you’re taking a handful of vitamins that you can’t tell the difference between. Luckily, vitamin subscriptions such as Care/Of and Ritual have simplified the process of choosing what to take. Care/Of offers personalized vitamin packs that can be customized or determined with their quiz. They ship these individual packs monthly, and you can be change your order and even track when you take them on their app. If taking multiple pills isn’t your thing, Ritual has reinvented the women’s multivitamin, with a oil beadlet capsule with nine essential nutrients. Delivering on a monthly basis, it will be hard to forget to get your daily dose in. 

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Tired of gambling on which shampoo will answer your hair prayers? Enter personalized shampoo and conditioner. By taking a short quiz on your hair type, concerns, and goals, companies like Prose and Function of Beauty can create a custom formula that is delivered as frequent as you need. With custom shampoo and conditioner, you can achieve your hair goals without ever having to google the best haircare at the drugstore again.

Knowing exactly what products will work for you can be hard, but luckily there are several online services that can help you customize drugstore products to your needs. Whether you forget to take your vitamins easily or never know when to throw out your toothbrush, there are subscription boxes out there that can help keep you on track.


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