Tips For Selling Clothing Online After A Closet Clean-Out

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After your quarantine closet detox, you’re probably going to be left with a pile of clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t have a place in your wardrobe anymore!

Here are some tips on how to improve engagement and sales on selling apps like Poshmark and Depop this season!

Improve your Photos

Rather than lying your clothes out on the floor or bed to take pictures or using an old photo of you wearing the piece with your friends cropped out, take the time to take more professional looking pictures! Not only do they make the clothing look better, but they create a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing theme for your page. You can use a command hook and hang the pieces on cute wooden hangers or hang pieces individually on clothing racks to show the item off better! Another option is styling each piece in a flat-lay on top of an ironed sheet to give a cleaner look. 


Using specific style and brand names will make finding pieces much easier on selling apps, so taking the time to find the exact name of style will help users searching for that particular piece find it much easier. By entering just a few keywords into Google, you can find the name and even more details on the clothes you’re selling, such as the material, original price, wash instructions and sizing information! Rather than titling a listing “Madewell Striped Top,” “Madewell Courier Striped Shirt” makes the listing easier to locate and makes your page more reputable with correct and specific details!


One of the main reasons for returns on selling apps is due to poor descriptions, like not disclosing a small flaw, the condition of the item or accidentally listing the incorrect size. Be sure to be specific as possible and honest about the condition of the item

Follows, Shares and Likes 

Interacting with others on apps like Poshmark, Mercari and Depop is a great way to bring traffic to your closet. Share your own posts and the posts of others that have a similar style as you and you will likely get a lot more attention and interaction on your posts! Posting frequently, updating pricing and sharing items will keep your listings at the top of search pages and generate more views. 


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