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With all of this new time on your hands, what’s better than a new DIY project? If you haven’t noticed yet, bleaching and tie-dying clothing is the newest craze circulating on social media and your favorite online shopping sites.

Instead of paying $50–$100 on a bleached or dyed sweatsuit, why not transform some of the clothes you already have? You can make some seriously cool creations while revamping clothes you may not wear much anymore. Plus, if you dye some old Penn State merch, you could have the perfect new outfit for the next football season.

It can be hard to choose how you want to bleach or dye your clothes, so we’re here to give you some inspiration and provide you with a tutorial. If you follow our guide, bleaching and dying clothes will be a fun and stress-free quarantine activity.

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Sweatpants are a great clothing item to dye — especially with a matching sweatshirt or top. Both the men’s Bleach Tie-Dye joggers for $62 and the women’s Monochrome Tie-Dye sweatpants for $49 are super cute pieces, but they can easily be created at home for much cheaper.

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Tie-dye is back and better than ever. Having some colorful pieces like this will get you ready for the summer months. Graphic T-shirts are the perfect clothing item to spice up with some tie-dye. Even though we love this Cosmic Cowboy Hand Dyed Tee, you don’t have to spend $78 to achieve this look. Try dying some of your own shirts at home!

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Bleaching or dying sweatpants, sweatshirts and T-shirts can create some fun new pieces to add to your wardrobe — but try dying some other clothing items or accessories for a more unique look. We love this Tie-Dye Bucket Hat for $19. You could also bleach a baseball cap for a super cute look. The Tie Dye Bodysuit on sale for $49.95 is another unique way to incorporate dyed clothing into an outfit. This piece would look great in the summer paired with denim shorts or a skirt. Try dying or bleaching backpacks, scarves or even shoes. Get creative!

What You’ll Need:
  • A clothing item of your choice
  • Rubber bands
  • Bleach or dye
  • Water
  • A squeeze or spray bottle
  • Plastic gloves
  • A large basin or bowl
What You’ll Do:

Step 1: Lay out the clothing item of your choice. Decide what kind of bleach or dye pattern you are trying to achieve.

Step 2: Fold or twist the clothing item evenly.

Step 3: Wrap rubber bands around the item. Use at least two to make sure it is secure.

Step 4: Put the tied item of clothing in a basin or bowl placed in a bathtub or shower. This will ensure that the bleach or dye is contained.

Step 5: Wet the item of clothing. Squeeze out the water before dying.

Step 6: If you are choosing to use bleach, fill up a squeeze or spray bottle with half bleach and half water. An old dish soap bottle is perfect for this. Make sure to wear plastic gloves the entire time you are handling the bleach.

Step 7: Bleach or dye the item of clothing in your desired areas. Make sure to flip it on both sides, so it’s evenly coated. You will start to see it discoloring if you are using bleach.

Step 8: If you are using bleach, wait 5–10 minutes before unwrapping and rinsing the item. The longer you wait, the lighter it will become. If you are using dye, follow the instructions that come with your chosen dye. Many tie-dye kits recommend waiting 24 hours before unwrapping.

Step 9: Rinse your item using cold water to get rid of excess bleach or dye. This will prevent the item from discoloring more.

Step 10: Put the clothing item in the washing machine on a low cycle with cold water. Feel free to wash it twice to completely get rid of excess bleach, dye or odor.

Step 11: Put the clothing item in the dryer or let it dry naturally.

Step 12: Take a look at your creation!

Have you dyed or bleached any of your clothes during quarantine? Tweet us a picture @VALLEYmag!



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